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crowded /ˈkraʊdəd, ˈkraʊdɪd/ adjective

شلوق ، پرچمعیت
Synonyms: packed, busy, congested, cramped, full, jam-packed, swarming, teeming
Antonyms: uncrowded
Related Words: overcharged, overloaded

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crowded /ˈkraʊdəd, ˈkraʊdɪd/ adjective
[Word Family: noun: crowd, overcrowding; adjective: crowded, overcrowded; verb: crowd]
too full of people or things ⇒ empty:
a crowded room
a crowded street
The train was very crowded, and we had to stand.
crowded with
The narrow roads were crowded with holiday traffic.

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VERBS be | become, get
ADV. densely, extremely, very living in densely crowded conditions The shops were all very crowded.
increasingly | a bit, fairly, a little, pretty, quite, rather
PREP. with The store was crowded with shoppers.

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