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crown /kraʊn/ noun

تحدب ، کوژی ، راس ، ستیغ سره ، ستیغ نیمرخ ، مهره طاق ، فرق سر ، بالای هرچیزی ، حد کمال ، تاج دندان ، تاج گذاری کردن ، پوشاندن (دندان باطلا وغیره) ، علوم مهندسی: قله ، معماری: کلید طاق ، ورزش: تاج قهرمانی

: crown 1

سر (قرقره) ، علوم دریایی: سر

: crown 2

علوم دریایی: تاج لنگر
- monarchy, royalty, sovereignty
- monarch, emperor or empress, king or queen, ruler, sovereign
- coronet, circlet, diadem, tiara
- laurel wreath, garland, honour, laurels, prize, trophy, wreath
- high point, apex, crest, pinnacle, summit, tip, top
- honour, adorn, dignify, festoon
- cap, be the climax or culmination of, complete, finish, perfect, put the finishing touch to, round off, top
- strike, belt (informal), biff (slang), box, cuff, hit over the head, punch
Related Words: diadem, tiara
English Thesaurus: king, queen, monarch, monarchy, prince, ...

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I. crown1 W3 /kraʊn/ noun
[Date: 1100-1200; Language: Old French; Origin: corone, from Latin corona 'circle of leaves put on someone's head, crown', from Greek korone]

1. HAT FOR KING/QUEEN [countable]
a) a circle made of gold and decorated with jewels, worn by kings and queens on their heads
b) a circle, sometimes made of things such as leaves or flowers, worn by someone who has won a special honour

2. COUNTRY’S RULER the crown
a) the position of being king or queen:
The treaty of Troyes made Henry V heir to the crown of France.
b) the government of a country such as Britain that is officially led by a king or queen:
He has retired from the service of the Crown.

3. TOOTH [countable] an artificial top for a damaged tooth

4. HEAD [usually singular] the top part of a hat or someone’s head
crown of
auburn hair piled high on the crown of her head
a hat with a high crown

5. HILL [usually singular] the top of a hill or something shaped like a hill
crown of
They drove to the crown of Zion hill and on into town.
The masonry at the crown of the arch is paler than on either curve.

6. SPORTS [usually singular] the position you have if you have won an important sports competition:
Can she retain her Wimbledon crown?
He went on to win the world crown in 2001.

7. MONEY [countable]
a) the standard unit of money in some European countries:
Swedish crowns
b) an old British coin. Four crowns made a pound.

8. PICTURE [countable] a mark, sign, badge etc in the shape of a crown, used especially to show rank or quality

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II. crown2 verb [transitive]
[Date: 1100-1200; Language: Old French; Origin: coroner, from Latin coronare, from corona; crown1]

1. to place a crown on the head of a new king or queen as part of an official ceremony in which they become king or queen ⇒ coronation:
Louis was crowned at Reims in 814.
crown somebody (as) king/queen etc
In 1896 Nicholas was crowned as Tsar.

2. to give someone a title for winning a competition:
She was crowned Wimbledon champion.

3. to make something perfect or complete, by adding an achievement etc
crown somebody with something
a long career crowned with a peaceful retirement

4. be crowned with something literary having something on top:
every hill is crowned with a walled village

5. to put a protective top on a damaged tooth

6. informal to hit someone on the head

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I. that a king/queen wears
VERB + CROWN wear | place, put on The crown was placed upon the new monarch's head.

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II. the crown: position/power of a king/queen
ADJ. imperial, royal
VERB + CROWN offer sb In 1688 the crown was offered to William and Mary.
refuse | succeed to He succeeded to the crown of Spain
CROWN + VERB pass In 1553 the crown passed from Edward VI to Mary.
PHRASES the heir to the crown 2 the Crown the state as represented by a king/queen
VERB + CROWN serve
CROWN + NOUN court | jewels | land a piece of Crown land

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III. honour of being the best in a sports competition
ADJ. Olympic, world, etc.
VERB + CROWN take, win | lose He lost his Olympic crown to George Rice.
fight for | defend, retain

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IV. top of the head
ADJ. bald
PREP. at the ~ She swept her hair into a bun at the crown of her head.
on your ~ There were raindrops on his bald crown.

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