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debate /dɪˈbeɪt/ noun
debate verb [intransitive and transitive]

مناقشه ، بحث ، مذاکرات پارلمانی ، منازعه ، مناظره کردن ، مباحثه کردن ، قانون ـ فقه: مباحثه کردن
- discussion, argument, contention, controversy, dispute
- discuss, argue, dispute, question
- consider, deliberate, ponder, reflect, ruminate, weigh
Contrasted words: agree, coincide, concur, affirm, aver, maintain, profess
Related Words: controverting, rebutting, refuting, altercate, quarrel, wrangle, confute, controvert, disprove, rebut, refute, demonstrate, prove, contend, contest
English Thesaurus: discussion, debate, talks, negotiations, conference, ...

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I. debate1 S2 W2 AC /dɪˈbeɪt/ noun
[Word Family: noun: debate, debater; verb: debate]

1. [uncountable and countable] discussion of a particular subject that often continues for a long time and in which people express different opinions:
the gun-control debate in the US
The new drug has become the subject of heated debate within the medical profession.
debate over/about
There has been widespread public debate over the introduction of genetically modified food.
There was much lively debate about whether women should spend more time in the home.
A fierce debate raged over which artist’s work should be chosen for the prize.
debate between
the ongoing debate between environmentalists and the road-building lobby over the future of our countryside
Nuclear power has always been a topic that has sparked off considerable debate.

2. [uncountable and countable] a formal discussion of a particular problem, subject etc in which people express different opinions, and sometimes vote on them
debate on/over/about
a debate on legalized gambling
a televised debate
have/hold/conduct a debate
It would have been better to hold the debate during the day.
be under debate
What topics are under debate in Congress this week?

3. be open to debate (also be a matter for debate) if an idea is open to debate, no one has proved yet whether it is true or false Synonym : debatable:
Whether that would have made any difference is open to debate.

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II. debate2 AC verb [intransitive and transitive]
[Word Family: noun: debate, debater; verb: debate]
[Date: 1200-1300; Language: Old French; Origin: debatre, from batre 'to hit']

1. to discuss a subject formally when you are trying to make a decision or find a solution:
The issue will be debated on Tuesday.
debate whether/what/how etc
Meanwhile, philosophers debate whether it’s right to clone an individual.
debate (something) with somebody
an invitation to debate with William on the future of democracy
His conclusions are hotly debated (=argued about strongly).

2. to consider something carefully before making a decision
debate with yourself
I debated with myself whether I should tell anyone.
debate who/what/how etc
I’m still debating what to do.
debate doing something
For a moment Mary debated telling Rick the truth.

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I. discussion
ADJ. considerable | fierce, heated, intense, lively, vigorous There has been heated debate about whether the film should be allowed.
wider You cannot separate unemployment from the wider debate about the economy. | public Television actually encourages public debate about such issues.
VERB + DEBATE have | contribute to Many leading charities have contributed to the debate on world poverty.
encourage, promote A healthy society promotes vigorous debate.
spark off This accident has sparked off an intense debate on road safety.
stifle He accused the government of trying to stifle debate.
lose, win The environmentalists seem to have lost the debate over the building of this road.
be a matter for, be open to The benefits of the new law are open to debate.
DEBATE + VERB rage, take place A debate about safety is taking place in schools everywhere.
PREP. under ~ The issue is still under debate.
~ about/on/over the debate on the environment
~ among the debate among academics
~ surrounding the debate surrounding contemporary art
PHRASES the subject of debate The proposed changes to the law have been the subject of much debate.

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II. a formal discussion
ADJ. brief | lengthy, long | acrimonious, fierce, heated, lively, stormy a stormy debate in the House of Commons
congressional, parliamentary a parliamentary debate on the fishing industry
VERB + DEBATE have, hold We had a brief debate about whether or not to accept the offer. The union holds debates for students.
participate in, speak in, take part in Do you ever speak in debates?
open The prime minister will open the debate.
close | lose, win The government lost the debate in the House of Commons.
PREP. during/in a/the~ | ~ about/on Many of these points were raised during the debate on prison reform.

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ADV. fully, properly, seriously, thoroughly | fiercely, hotly The issue is still being hotly debated.
openly, publicly The question of security needs to be debated publicly.
at length, endlessly, extensively
PREP. with a presidential candidate debating with his opponent He sat there debating with himself what to do.
PHRASES be widely debated The report has been widely debated in the industry.

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considerable debate
There has been considerable debate about the way forward for education.
lively debate (=interesting and involving a lot of different opinions)
The conference produced some lively debate.
intense debate (=in which people put forward strong and different arguments)
The future of the nuclear industry has been a matter of intense debate.
a heated/fierce debate (=in which people express strong opinions in an angry way)
There has been a fierce debate over the way the war was fought.
a wider debate (=involving more people or a more general discussion)
We believe that there should be a wider debate on such an important issue.
a public debate (=in which people put forward their ideas publicly, so that everyone can form an opinion.)
He called for a public debate on race and discrimination.
national debate (=one that involves everyone in a country)
It is time to start a national debate on the future of the health service.
political debate (=involving members of political parties)
There was much political debate on pensions reform.
long-running debate (=continuing for a long time)
the long-running debate about the future of our inner cities
ongoing debate (=still continuing)
This is unlikely to be the final word in this ongoing debate.
have a debate
I think we should have a public debate on this issue.
provoke/spark/trigger debate (=cause a debate to start)
The episode provoked fierce debate about freedom of speech.
stifle debate (=prevent people from having a debate)
How can the party stifle debate on such an important issue?
debate rages (=happens over a period of time and and involves strong feelings)
A national debate is now raging over the level of youth crime.
be the subject of debate (=be something that people discuss)
Teaching methods have long been the subject of debate.
be a matter of debate (=be something that people have discussed)
The effectiveness of the government’s policy has been a matter of fierce debate.
be a matter for debate (=be something that people should discuss)
The future of the police force is a matter for public debate.

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