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definite /ˈdefɪnət, ˈdefɪnɪt, ˈdefənət/ adjective

محکم ، معین ، قطعی ، تصریح شده ، صریح ، روشن ، معلوم ، معماری: معین ، قانون ـ فقه: منجز
- clear, black-and-white, cut-and-dried (informal), exact, fixed, marked, particular, precise, specific
- certain, assured, decided, guaranteed, positive, settled, sure
Antonyms: indefinite, equivocal, uncertain
Contrasted words: ambiguous, obscure, vague, unconditional, unlimited, unqualified, unrestricted, indeterminate, uncircumscribed, imprecise, loose, undefined, doubtful, dubious, questionable
Related Words: assigned, defined, prescribed, established, set, decided, determined, settled, complete, full, downright, forthright, incisive
English Thesaurus: certain, definite, inevitable, be bound to, be assured of something, ...

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definite S3 AC /ˈdefɪnət, ˈdefɪnɪt, ˈdefənət/ adjective
[Word Family: verb: define; noun: definition; adverb: definitelyindefinitely; adjective: definiteindefinite]
[Word Family: adverb: definitelyindefinitely; adjective: definiteindefinite]
[Date: 1500-1600; Language: Latin; Origin: definitus, past participle of definire; define]

1. clearly known, seen, or stated Synonym : clear Antonym : indefinite:
It’s impossible for me to give you a definite answer.
We need to record sufficient data to enable definite conclusions to be reached.
He’d shown definite signs of resigning himself to the situation.

2. a definite arrangement, promise etc will happen in the way that someone has said ⇒ indefinite:
Fix a definite date for the delivery of your computer.

3. [not before noun] saying something very firmly so that people understand exactly what you mean
definite about
She’s not definite about retiring from the game.

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