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definitely /ˈdefɪnətli, ˈdefɪnɪtli, ˈdefənətli/ adverb

قطعی ، قاطع
Synonyms: certainly, absolutely, categorically, clearly, positively, surely, undeniably, unmistakably, unquestionably, without doubt

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definitely S1 AC /ˈdefɪnətli, ˈdefɪnɪtli, ˈdefənətli/ adverb
[Word Family: verb: define; noun: definition; adverb: definitelyindefinitely; adjective: definiteindefinite]
[Word Family: adverb: definitelyindefinitely; adjective: definiteindefinite]
without any doubt Synonym : certainly:
‘Do you reckon Margot will be there?’ ‘Definitely not.’
The hotel fitness centre is definitely worth a visit.
I definitely need a holiday.

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