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develop /dɪˈveləp/ verb

گسترش دادن ، توسعه دادن وضعیت تهیه کردن ، گسترش وضعیت ، توسعه دادن اشکار کردن ، توسعه دادن ، بسط دادن ، پرورش دادن ، ایجاد کردن ، ورزش: گسترش ، علوم نظامی: ظاهر کردن عکس
- advance, evolve, flourish, grow, mature, progress, prosper, ripen
- form, breed, establish, generate, invent, originate
- expand, amplify, augment, broaden, elaborate, enlarge, unfold, work out
Contrasted words: shrivel, wither, wizen
Related Words: actualize, materialize, realize, dilate, expand, enroot, establish, flourish, prosper, thrive, gain, get, obtain, achieve, attain, reach
English Thesaurus: make, produce, create, manufacture, mass-produce, ...

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develop S2 W1 /dɪˈveləp/ verb
[Word Family: noun: developer, development, redevelopment; verb: develop, redevelop; adjective: developedundeveloped, developing]
[Date: 1600-1700; Language: French; Origin: développer, from Old French voloper 'to wrap']

1. GROW [intransitive and transitive] to grow or change into something bigger, stronger, or more advanced, or to make someone or something do this ⇒ advance:
Knowledge in the field of genetics has been developing very rapidly.
Corsica has developed its economy around the tourist industry.
develop into
Chicago developed into a big city in the late 1800s.
develop from
It’s hard to believe that a tree can develop from a small seed.
exercises to develop muscle strength

2. NEW IDEA/PRODUCT [transitive] to design or make a new idea, product, system etc over a period of time:
Scientists are developing new drugs to treat arthritis.
She should have developed her own style instead of copying him.
Researchers are developing technology for the US military.

3. FEELING [transitive] to start to have a feeling or quality that then becomes stronger:
He had developed a certain affection for me.
develop a sense/awareness/knowledge of something
The children are beginning to develop a sense of responsibility.
It was in college that he developed a taste for (=started to like) rugby football.

4. SKILL/ABILITY [intransitive and transitive] if you develop a skill or ability, or if it develops, it becomes stronger or more advanced:
The course is designed to help students develop their speaking skills.

5. DISEASE [intransitive and transitive] if you develop a disease or illness, or if it develops, you start to have it:
Some alcoholics develop liver disease.
Pneumonia can develop very quickly.

6. FAULT/PROBLEM [transitive] to begin to have a physical fault:
The oil tank had developed a small crack.
The plane developed engine trouble and was forced to land.

7. PROBLEM/DIFFICULTY [intransitive] if a problem or difficult situation develops, it begins to happen or exist, or it gets worse:
Trouble is developing in the cities.
develop into
Regional clashes could develop into larger quarrels.

8. IDEA/ARGUMENT [transitive] to make an argument or idea clearer, by studying it more or by speaking or writing about it in more detail:
We will develop a few of these points in the seminar.

9. LAND [transitive] to use land for the things that people need, for example by taking minerals out of it or by building on it:
The land was developed for low-cost housing.

10. PHOTOGRAPHY [intransitive and transitive] to make a photograph out of a photographic film, using chemicals:
Did you ever get the pictures developed?

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