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development /dɪˈveləpmənt/ noun

رشد و توسعه اقتصادی ، ارایش دادن زمین توسعه وضعیت ، گسترش دادن یکانها توسعه دادن ، پیشرفت ، توسعه ، بسط ، ترقی ، نمو ، ظهور (عکس) ، ایجاد ، عمران: توسعه ، معماری: پیشرفت ، قانون ـ فقه: پیشرفت ، شیمی: ظهور ، روانشناسی: رشد ، زیست شناسی: گسترش ، بازرگانی: توسعه ، علوم نظامی: تکامل یافتن
مهندسی صنایع: توسعه ، گسترش ، پیشرفت ، ترقی ، ایجاد کامپیوتر: پیشرفت ، رشد پزشکی: توسعه ، رشد

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- growth, advance, evolution, expansion, improvement, increase, progress, spread
- event, happening, incident, occurrence, result, turn of events, upshot
Antonyms: decline
Contrasted words: decadence, declension, degeneration, deterioration, devolution
Related Words: advance, advancement, ongoing
English Thesaurus: building, property, premises, complex, development, ...

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development S1 W1 /dɪˈveləpmənt/ noun
[Word Family: noun: developer, development, redevelopment; verb: develop, redevelop; adjective: developedundeveloped, developing]

1. GROWTH [uncountable] the process of gradually becoming bigger, better, stronger, or more advanced:
child development
development of
a course on the development of Greek thought
professional/personal development
opportunities for professional development

2. ECONOMIC ACTIVITY [uncountable] the process of increasing business, trade, and industrial activity
economic/industrial/business etc development
economic development in Russia

3. EVENT [countable] a new event or piece of news that changes a situation:
recent political developments in the former Soviet Union
We will keep you informed of developments.

4. NEW PLAN/PRODUCT [uncountable] the process of working on a new product, plan, idea etc to make it successful:
The funds will be used for marketing and product development.
under/in development
Spielberg has several interesting projects under development.

5. IMPROVEMENT [countable] a change that makes a product, plan, idea etc better:
There have been significant computer developments during the last decade.

6. BUILDING PROCESS [uncountable] the process of planning and building new houses, streets etc on land
for development
The land was sold for development.

7. HOUSES/OFFICES ETC [countable] a group of new buildings that have all been planned and built together on the same piece of land:
a new housing development

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I. developing sth
ADJ. full School should encourage the full development of a student's talents.
gradual | rapid | sustainable | healthy | commercial, economic, industrial | evolutionary, historical | regional | rural, suburban, urban | human | educational, emotional, intellectual, linguistic, personal, physical, psychological, sexual, social, spiritual | software | child | property
VERB + DEVELOPMENT aid, allow, assist, encourage, enhance, facilitate, favour, foster, permit, promote, stimulate, support Education stimulates the stage in the development of Anglo-Irish relations
a stage of development This is a perfectly normal stage of development.

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II. new event/idea
ADJ. exciting, important, major, radical, remarkable, significant, striking | the latest, new, recent | logical The move from TV to film was a logical development in her career.
unexpected | welcome | political, scientific, technical, technological
DEVELOPMENT + VERB occur, take place the significant developments taking place in the health service
PREP. ~ in new developments in film-making

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III. new buildings
ADJ. housing, property | development of rational thinking. A group of experts has been brought together to support the develop business, commercial | ribbon | accelerate, speed up Ribbon developments (= lines of Environmental factors can buildings) extended along the main accelerate the development of road.certain cancers.
arrest, discourage, halt, hinder, inhibit, prevent, restrict, retard, slow Too much emphasis on memorizing facts can inhibit the development of creative thinking. | finance The company went deep into debt to finance the development of the engine. | monitor, oversee A UN team is monitoring the development of the peace process.
trace In the opening chapter, the author traces the development of judo from its ancient roots.
DEVELOPMENT + VERB occur, take place
DEVELOPMENT + NOUN initiative, plan, programme, project, scheme | aid, assistance | work The invention requires more development work to make it viable.
process the lengthy development process of a new model of car
budget, capital, fund, grant | costs, expenditure
PREP. during ~ Cell divisions during development occur in a fixed sequence.
in ~ A more powerful version of this electric bus in currently in development.
under ~ The new vaccine is still under development.
PHRASES research and development I do quite a lot of research and development work in my job.
a stage in the development of sth an important

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economic/industrial/business etc development
The US has been keen to encourage economic development in Egypt.
regional development (=development of particular regions of a country or area)
a programme of regional development in Eastern Europe
sustainable development (=that is able to continue without damaging the environment)
The government is committed to sustainable development and the protection of the environment.
overseas development (=in other countries, especially poor ones)
The Overseas Development Minister announced a £7,000,000 emergency aid programme for Somalia.
support/assist development (also further/facilitate development formal)
We need to facilitate development and economic activity that provides jobs.
a development programme/plan/project
the United Nations Development Programme
a development agency (=organization that aims to help development in poor areas)
international development agencies
development work (=the work of helping development in poor areas)
Further funds are required to allow the development work to continue.
development aid (=money given to help development in poor areas)
Education made up 22.5 percent of development aid last year.

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