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differ /ˈdɪfə $ -ər/ verb [intransitive]

فرق داشتن ، اختلاف داشتن ، تفاوت داشتن
- be dissimilar, contradict, contrast, depart from, diverge, run counter to, stand apart, vary
- disagree, clash, contend, debate, demur, dispute, dissent, oppose, take exception, take issue
Antonyms: agree
Contrasted words: accord, conform, correspond, coincide, concert, concur, harmonize
Related Idioms: differ in opinion, hold opposite views
Related Words: depart, deviate, diverge, clash, conflict, jar, bicker, quarrel, squabble, argue, debate, dispute, oppose, protest (against)
English Thesaurus: disagree/not agree, be divided/split, differ, not see eye to eye, be mistaken, ...

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differ W3 /ˈdɪfə $ -ər/ verb [intransitive]
[Word Family: verb: differ, differentiate; noun: difference, differentiation; adverb: differently; adjective: different]
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: French; Origin: différer 'to delay, be different', from Latin differre, from ferre 'to carry']

1. to be different from something in some way:
The two systems differ in many respects.
differ from
People differ from one another in their ability to handle stress.
differ between
The symptoms did not differ between the two groups.
differ widely/greatly/significantly etc
We soon found that prices differed enormously.
Experts have differing views on the subject.

2. if two people or groups differ about something, they have opposite opinions Synonym : disagree
differ about/on/over
The two lawyers differed about how to present the case.

3. agree to differ to stop arguing with someone and accept that you will never agree

4. I beg to differ spoken formal used to say that you disagree with someone

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I. be different
ADV. considerably, enormously, fundamentally, greatly, markedly, radically, sharply, significantly, substantially, widely The two approaches differ markedly Opinions differ widely on this issue.
little | slightly, somewhat | clearly
PREP. according to Conditions of employment differ according to the type of company you are working for.
between Social organization differs significantly between the different groups.
from His ideas differ little from those of his father.
in The models differ in size and shape.

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II. have a different opinion
VERB + DIFFER agree to In the end we agreed to differ.
beg to I beg to differ (= I disagree with you).
PREP. about/over The two sides still differ over details of the plan.
on The two parties differ on all the major issues.
with It didn't seem right that I should differ with him.

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differ greatly/enormously
Modern teaching methods differ greatly from those fifty years ago.
differ significantly (=in an important way)
The second set of test results did not differ significantly from the first.
differ considerably/widely/substantially (=greatly)
Opinions differ widely on the best way to do this.
differ sharply/noticeably/markedly (=in a very noticeable way)
Ways of negotiating differ markedly across the Atlantic.
differ radically (=very greatly)
The new car differed radically from the earlier model.
differ fundamentally (=in a very basic way)
These paintings differed fundamentally from his earlier work.
differ slightly
Prices differ slightly from one shop to another.

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