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different /ˈdɪfərənt/ adjective

متمایز ، متفاوت
- unlike, altered, changed, contrasting, disparate, dissimilar, divergent, inconsistent, opposed
- various, assorted, diverse, miscellaneous, sundry, varied
- unusual, atypical, distinctive, extraordinary, peculiar, singular, special, strange, uncommon
Antonyms: alike, identical, same
Contrasted words: akin, analogous, comparable, like, parallel, similar, uniform, equal, equivalent, self-same
Related Words: particular, single, distinctive, individual, peculiar, divers, sundry
English Thesaurus: different, unique, distinctive, unlike, have nothing in common, ...

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different S1 W1 /ˈdɪfərənt/ adjective
[Word Family: verb: differ, differentiate; noun: difference, differentiation; adverb: differently; adjective: different]
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: French; Origin: différer; differ]

1. not like something or someone else, or not like before Antonym : similar
different from
Our sons are very different from each other.
different to
Her jacket’s different to mine.
different than American English:
He seemed different than he did in New York.
The place looks completely different now.
They decided to try a radically different approach.
We found women had significantly different political views from men.
a slightly different way of doing things
What actually happened was subtly different from the PR people’s version.
The show is refreshingly different from most exhibitions of modern art.
The publishing business is no different from any other business in this respect.
It’s a different world here in London.
In spoken British English, different from and different to are both common. Different than is also used in American English and occasionally in British English, especially when it is followed by a clause:
He looks no different than when he was 20. Teachers prefer different from, so from is the preposition to use in writing:
Their homes are completely different from ours.
Do not say 'different of'.

2. [only before noun] used to talk about two or more separate things of the same basic kind Synonym : various:
Different people reacted in different ways.
different types/kinds etc
There are many different types of fabric.
I looked in lots of different books but couldn’t find anything about it.

3. [only before noun] another:
I think she’s moved to a different job now.

4. spoken unusual, often in a way that you do not like:
‘What did you think of the film?’ ‘Well, it was certainly different.’
—differently adverb:
I didn’t expect to be treated any differently from anyone else.
Things could have turned out quite differently.

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VERBS appear, be, feel, look, seem, sound, taste
ADV. very | distinctly, markedly, radically, significantly, strikingly This school is radically different from most others.
completely, entirely, quite, totally | rather, slightly | subtly The same colour can appear subtly different on different types of paper.
materially, qualitatively | refreshingly a refreshingly different approach to language learning
PREP. from Human beings are different from other animals.
to Their customs are very different to ours.

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BAD: London is different of Hong Kong.
GOOD: London is different from/to Hong Kong.
BAD: In Argentina, Christmas celebrations are completely different as the ones in England.
GOOD: In Argentina, Christmas celebrations are completely different from/to the ones in England.

Usage Note:
A is different from/to B: 'Alex was different from all the other boys she knew.' Note that most teachers and careful users prefer from .

DUBIOUS: My new school is very different than the old one.
GOOD: My new school is very different from/to the old one.

Usage Note:
Different than is used in American English but is rarely used in British English.

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See: sing a different tune or whistle a different tune

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