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discover /dɪsˈkʌvə $ -ər/ verb [transitive]

پی بردن ، دریافتن ، یافتن ، پیدا کردن ، کشف کردن ، مکشوف ساختن
- find, come across, come upon, dig up, locate, turn up, uncover, unearth
- find out, ascertain, detect, learn, notice, perceive, realize, recognize, uncover
Contrasted words: repress, suppress, miss, overlook, disregard, ignore
Related Idioms: get wise to
Related Words: advertise, proclaim, publish, descry, detect, encounter, espy, hit (on or upon), meet (with), spot, discern, note, observe, perceive
English Thesaurus: find, discover, locate, come across something, stumble on/across something, ...

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discover S2 W1 /dɪsˈkʌvə $ -ər/ verb [transitive]
[Word Family: noun: discoverer, discovery; verb: discover]
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Old French; Origin: descovrir, from Late Latin discooperire 'to uncover']

1. to find someone or something, either by accident or because you were looking for them:
The body was discovered in a field.
Forest Service crews often discover campfires that have not been put out completely.

2. to find out something that you did not know about before:
The exercises let students discover math concepts on their own.
discover (that)
She discovered that she was pregnant.
discover who/what/how etc
His friends were shocked to discover how ill he was.

3. if someone discovers a new place, fact, substance etc, they are the first person to find it or know that it exists:
The Curies are best known for discovering radium.

4. to notice or try something for the first time and start to enjoy it:
At fourteen, Louise discovered boys.

5. to notice someone who is very good at something and help them to become successful and well-known:
a band that’s waiting to be discovered
—discoverer noun [countable]

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ADV. quickly, soon We soon discovered we'd been mistaken.
suddenly | subsequently | eventually
VERB + DISCOVER be amazed to, be astonished to, be astounded to, be a surprise to, be surprised to She was surprised to discover he was perfectly capable around the house.
be alarmed to, be appalled to, be dismayed to, be horrified to, be a shock to, be shocked to It was a terrible shock to discover the full extent of the problem.
be delighted to, be fascinated to, be intrigued to | be fascinating to It would be fascinating to discover more about the town's history.
be difficult to | be possible to | aim to | attempt to, try to trying to discover the truth
be able/unable to
PHRASES an attempt to discover sth, newly/recently discovered recently discovered evidence
only to discover sth I arrived at the campsite, only to discover that it was closed for the winter.
an opportunity to discover sth, waiting to be discovered There's great talent out there just waiting to be discovered.

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