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distaste /dɪsˈteɪst/ noun [uncountable]

بی رغبتی ، تنفر ، بی میلی ، بدامدن ، ازردن
Synonyms: dislike, aversion, disgust, horror, loathing, odium, repugnance, revulsion
Antonyms: taste
Contrasted words: relish, zest, appetite, desire, enjoyment
Related Words: abhorrence, repugnance, repulsion, revulsion, antipathy, hostility

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distaste /dɪsˈteɪst/ noun [uncountable]
[Word Family: noun: taste, distaste, tastefulness, taster, tasting; adjective: tastefultasteless, distasteful, tasty; adverb: tastefully, distastefully; verb: taste]
a feeling that something or someone is unpleasant or morally offensive
distaste for
her distaste for any form of compromise

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ADJ. deep, extreme, great, intense, profound, strong | growing | evident, obvious She regarded the child with evident distaste.
irrational | mock
VERB + DISTASTE feel, have | express, show trying not to show her distaste
conceal, hide He couldn't conceal the deep distaste that he felt for many of their customs.
look at sb/sth with, regard sb/sth with, view sb/sth with
PREP. in ~ She wrinkled her nose in mock distaste.
with ~ Jim looked with distaste at the cockroach in his soup.
~ at He couldn't hide his distaste at having to sleep in such a filthy room.
~ for Joe had a profound distaste for violence.
PHRASES an expression/a look of distaste, a feeling of distaste

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