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dramatic /drəˈmætɪk/ adjective

چشمگیر ، نمایشی ، مهیج ، روانشناسی: نمایشی
- theatrical, dramaturgical, Thespian
- powerful, expressive, impressive, moving, striking, vivid
- exciting, breathtaking, climactic, electrifying, melodramatic, sensational, suspenseful, tense, thrilling
Antonyms: undramatic
English Thesaurus: thrilling, gripping, dramatic, exhilarating, nail-biting, ...

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dramatic W3 AC /drəˈmætɪk/ adjective
[Word Family: noun: drama, dramatist; verb: dramatize; adjective: dramatic]

1. great and sudden
dramatic change/shift/improvement
Computers have brought dramatic changes to the workplace.
dramatic increase/rise/fall/drop/reduction etc
Universities have suffered a dramatic drop in student numbers.
dramatic effect/results
A serious accident can have a dramatic effect on your family’s finances.

2. exciting or impressive:
A superb goal by Owen earned United a dramatic victory yesterday.
Some of the most dramatic events in American history happened here.
the dramatic scenery of the Grand Canyon

3. connected with acting or plays:
the amateur dramatic society
the dramatic arts

4. intended to be impressive, so that people notice:
She needed a stunning dress to help her make a dramatic entrance.
Tristan threw up his hands in a dramatic gesture.
—dramatically /-kli/ adverb:
Output has increased dramatically.

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VERBS be, sound
ADV. extremely, highly, intensely, very | fairly, quite, rather | suitably Her entrance was accompanied by suitably dramatic music.

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a dramatic change
The Internet has brought dramatic changes to the way we work.
a dramatic increase/rise
There has been a dramatic rise in fuel costs.
a dramatic fall/drop/decline
Between these years there was a dramatic fall in youth employment.
a dramatic effect/impact
An accident can have a dramatic effect on your family’s finances.
a dramatic improvement
There has been a dramatic improvement in the standard of students’ work.
a dramatic shift (=change in the way people think or do something)
This announcement signalled a dramatic shift in the government’s policy.
a dramatic result
Cameras on the streets have produced dramatic results in reducing crime.
a dramatic difference
The programs made a dramatic difference to the lives of millions of people.

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