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dress /dres/ noun
dress verb

پوشاندن ، بستن ، اهار زدن ، ترتیب دادن ، لباس مخصوص ، لباس پوشیدن ، جامه بتن کردن ، مزین کردن ، لباس ، درست کردن موی سر ، پانسمان کردن ، پیراستن ، علوم مهندسی: مستقیم کردن ، علوم نظامی: فرمان بایست در مشق صف جمع
- frock, gown, outfit, robe
- clothing, apparel, attire, clothes, costume, garb, garments, togs
- put on, attire, change, clothe, don, garb, robe, slip on or into
- bandage, bind up, plaster, treat
- arrange, adjust, align, get ready, prepare, straighten
Antonyms: undress
Related Words: butcher, slaughter, fertilize, topdress
English Thesaurus: clothes, clothing, garment, dress, wear, ...

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I. dress1 S2 W2 /dres/ noun
[Word Family: noun: dress, dresser, dressing; adjective: dressedundressed, dressy; verb: dressundress]

1. [countable] a piece of clothing worn by a woman or girl that covers the top of her body and part or all of her legs ⇒ skirt:
Sheila wore a long red dress.
a summer dress

2. [uncountable] clothes for men or women of a particular type or for a particular occasion:
a gentleman in evening dress (=formal clothes worn especially at important social events)
The play was performed in modern dress (=clothes from the present time).
dress code (=a standard of what you should wear for a particular situation)
This restaurant has a strict dress code – no tie, no service.

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II. dress2 S2 W2 verb
[Word Family: noun: dress, dresser, dressing; adjective: dressedundressed, dressy; verb: dressundress]
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Old French; Origin: dresser 'to arrange', from Latin directus 'straight'; direct1]

1. PUT ON CLOTHES [intransitive and transitive] to put clothes on yourself or someone else:
Can you wait a minute? I’m just getting dressed.
She dressed quickly and went out of the house.
I usually have to dress the kids in the mornings.
dress somebody in something
She dressed Louis in his best blue shirt.

In everyday English, people usually say get dressed rather than dress:
I got dressed and went downstairs for breakfast.

2. WEAR CLOTHES [intransitive] to wear a particular kind of clothes:
Dress warmly if you’re going out for a walk.
dress casually/smartly
I spend most of my time in the house with young children, so I dress casually.
dress for
How do you normally dress for work?
We usually dress for dinner (=wear formal clothes for our evening meal).

3. MAKE/CHOOSE CLOTHES [transitive] to make or choose clothes for someone:
Versace dressed some of the most famous people in Hollywood.

4. WOUND/CUT ETC [transitive] to clean, treat, and cover a wound

5. MEAT/FISH [transitive] to clean and prepare meat or fish so that it is ready to cook or eat:
dressed crab

6. SALAD [transitive] to put oil, vinegar, salt etc onto a salad

7. WINDOW [transitive] to put an attractive arrangement in a shop window ⇒ window dresser

8. SOLDIERS [intransitive and transitive] technical to stand in a straight line, or to make soldiers do this

9. HAIR [transitive] formal to arrange someone’s hair into a special style

10. WOOD/STONE ETC [transitive] technical to prepare or put a special surface onto wood, stone, leather etc
dress down phrasal verb

1. to wear clothes that are more informal than the ones you would usually wear:
In many offices, people dress down on Fridays.

2. dress somebody ↔ down to speak angrily to someone about something they have done wrong

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I. piece of clothing
ADJ. ankle-length, full-length, long | short | skimpy | clinging, figure-hugging, tight, tight-fitting | loose-fitting, shapeless | full-skirted | backless, high-necked, low-cut, off-the-shoulder, revealing, sleeveless, strapless | slinky | cotton, silk, etc. | day, evening, Sunday | ball, cocktail, dinner, maternity, party, wedding
VERB + DRESS zip (up) | unzip | hitch up, lift, pull up She hitched up her long dress so it wouldn't drag in the mud.
pull down | smooth She sat down and smoothed her dress over her legs.
DRESS + NOUN material | shop | designer | size
PREP. in a/the ~ She appeared in a slinky satin dress.
 ⇒ Special page at CLOTHES

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II. clothes for either men or women
ADJ. ceremonial, formal | casual, informal | correct | evening | modern | period | national, traditional He was wearing traditional Scottish dress.
fancy | battle, military | civilian
DRESS + NOUN code The club has a strict dress code.
sense He's got poor dress sense.
shirt | uniform in full dress uniform
PREP. in … ~ a performance of ‘Hamlet’ in modern dress

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I. put on clothes
ADV. hurriedly, quickly | slowly | carefully
PREP. in He dressed carefully in the brown suit he had been married in.
PHRASES be fully dressed She lay down on her bed, fully dressed.
get dressed She got dressed quickly.

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II. wear clothes
ADV. beautifully, elegantly, fashionably, immaculately, impeccably, neatly, nicely, smartly, well Susan always dresses very elegantly. She was determined to be the best dressed woman at the wedding.
badly, poorly, shabbily | appropriately, suitably | unsuitably | decently, properly, respectably | improperly | plainly, simply, soberly | ostentatiously, nattily, richly | casually | formally | expensively | warmly | scantily | identically The twins were dressed identically.
PREP. for I have to dress smartly for work.
in The women were all dressed in blue skirts and white blouses.

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a wedding dress
Have you chosen your wedding dress yet?
an evening dress (=a formal dress to wear in the evening)
She arrived in a red evening dress.
a cocktail dress (=a formal dress but not usually a long one)
She wore a little black cocktail dress.
a silk/cotton/velvet etc dress
Ellie chose a green silk dress.
a long dress (=that goes down to your ankles)
Most of the women were wearing long dresses.
a party dress (=for parties)
I need a new party dress for Christmas.
a summer dress
a cool blue summer dress
a strapless dress (=that does not have straps on your shoulders)
She was wearing a strapless cream dress and matching shoes.
a sleeveless dress (=without any sleeves)
She was photographed wearing a figure-hugging sleeveless dress.
a dress shop (=selling women’s dresses and other clothes)
It was an expensive dress shop.
a dress designer (=someone whose job is designing women’s clothes)
She’s a former royal dress designer.

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BAD: It took me half an hour to dress the kimono.
GOOD: It took me half an hour to put on the kimono.

Usage Note:
Get dressed When you get dressed you put on your clothes or a different set of clothes: ‘I had a shower, got dressed and went downstairs.’ ‘I was still getting dressed for the party when the taxi arrived.’
Dress oneself Dress oneself is not common. It is mainly used when you are thinking about the special skill or ability that is required to put on clothes: ‘Sally isn’t old enough to dress herself yet.’
Put on When you put on a piece of clothing or a watch, necklace etc, you put it into position on your body: ‘Wait a minute! I haven’t put my coat on yet.’ ‘Put your gloves on or your hands will get cold.’
Take off is the opposite of put on : ‘I can’t wait to take off these new shoes.’ ‘Why don’t you take your coat off and come and sit down?’
Dress up If you dress up you put on: (1) a special costume: ‘When the children were young, George used to dress up as Father Christmas.’
(2) formal or smart clothes: ‘We won’t be going to an expensive restaurant so there’s no need to dress up.’
Wear When you wear something, it is on a part of your body: ‘Did you notice the jacket she was wearing at Alan’s party?’ ‘He always wears smart clothes.’
Have on If you have something on , you are wearing it: ‘The trousers he had on were too big for him.’ ‘You won’t get cold as long as you have a coat on.’
Be dressed in/be in If you are dressed in or are in something, you are wearing it: ‘She arrived at the theatre dressed in a long white gown.’ ‘Everyone was in their best clothes, but Alex turned up in an old T-shirt and jeans.’
Be + adverb + dressed When you are talking about someone’s appearance, you can say that they are smartly/neatly/well etc dressed ‘Make sure you’re smartly dressed for the interview.’ ‘He’s always very well dressed – smart jackets, silk ties and so on.’

BAD: I had a shower and began to dress myself.
GOOD: I had a shower and began to get dressed.

Usage Note:
See Language Note above

BAD: At work I have to dress a dark blue suit.
GOOD: At work I have to wear a dark blue suit.

Usage Note:
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BAD: You should see the children's faces when we dress ourselves as clowns.
GOOD: You should see the children's faces when we dress up as clowns.

Usage Note:
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BAD: She was dressed with a white blouse and blue skirt.
GOOD: She was dressed in a white blouse and blue skirt.
BAD: Everybody was dressed with their smartest clothes.
GOOD: Everybody was (dressed) in their smartest clothes.

Usage Note:
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