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dressed /drest/ adjective

dress: پوشاندن ، بستن ، اهار زدن ، ترتیب دادن ، لباس مخصوص ، لباس پوشیدن ، جامه بتن کردن ، مزین کردن ، لباس ، درست کردن موی سر ، پانسمان کردن ، پیراستن ، مستقیم کردن ، فرمان بایست در مشق صف جمع
dressed /drest/ adjective
[Word Family: noun: dress, dresser, dressing; adjective: dressedundressed, dressy; verb: dressundress]

1. get dressed to put your clothes on:
Go and get dressed!

2. having your clothes on or wearing a particular type of clothes:
Aren’t you dressed yet?
half/fully dressed
She lay down fully dressed on the bed.
smartly/well-/elegantly etc dressed
a very well-dressed young man
dressed in
She was dressed in a two-piece suit.
dressed as
The children came dressed as animals.

3. dressed to kill informal wearing very attractive clothes so that everyone notices and admires you

4. dressed (up) to the nines informal wearing your best or most formal clothes

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well-dressed (=wearing nice clothes of good quality)
The restaurant was full of well-dressed couples.
smartly/elegantly/beautifully/neatly etc dressed
There was a smartly dressed man with a briefcase at the door.
fully dressed (=with all your clothes on)
She was so tired that she went to bed fully dressed.
half dressed (=not having finished putting your clothes on)
Don’t come in – I’m only half dressed!
fashionably dressed (=wearing clothes that are fashionable)
Most teenagers want to be fashionably dressed.
immaculately/impeccably dressed (=perfectly dressed in smart clothes)
He was immaculately dressed in a grey suit and a blue tie.
casually dressed (=wearing informal clothes)
Luke was casually dressed in jeans and a white shirt.
properly/suitably dressed (=wearing suitable clothes for something)
It’s important to be properly dressed if you are walking in the mountains.
badly dressed (=not well dressed)
The Prime Minister’s been criticized for being badly dressed.
shabbily/scruffily dressed (=wearing clothes that are old and untidy)
A dirty, shabbily dressed man was sitting on the bench.

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