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economics /ˌekəˈnɒmɪks, ˌiː- $ -ˈnɑː-/ noun

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economics W3 AC /ˌekəˈnɒmɪks, ˌiː- $ -ˈnɑː-/ noun
[Word Family: noun: economics, economist, economy; adjective: economic, economicalUNECONOMIC(AL), economy; verb: economize; adverb: economicallyuneconomically]

1. [uncountable] the study of the way in which money and goods are produced and used ⇒ economic:
a Harvard professor of economics

2. [plural] the way in which money influences whether a plan, business etc will work effectively:
the economics of the scheme
home economics

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ADJ. applied, theoretical | classical, free-market, Keynesian, liberal, market, neo-classical, supply-side | business, development, environmental, health, industrial, welfare
PHRASES a school of economics
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BAD: My country has serious economics problems.
GOOD: My country has serious economic problems.

Usage Note:
Economic means connected with the economy of a country or region; ‘The country’s economic growth is considered to be too slow.’
Economical describes something that is cheaper to use or operate than something similar: ‘The house has a very economical heating system.’ ‘Gas or electricity? Which is more economical?’ ‘The large size is more economical.’
Economics is (1) the study of how money is earned, spent and controlled within a country: ‘He’s now in his second year at Oxford, studying economics.’ ‘an economics graduate’ (2) the financial aspects of something: ‘the economics of dairy farming’
Economist An economist is an expert in economics: ‘Economists remain undecided about what action should be taken.’
Economy means (1) the financial and business system that exists in a country, which aims to produce wealth: ‘The government’s management of the economy has been severely criticised.’ (2) a way of reducing the amount of money that is spent: ‘The first economy to be introduced by the new government involved the reduction of fuel consumption.’ (3) (used as a modifier) money-saving: ‘Buy the giant economy size and save money!’
Inexpensive If something is inexpensive , it costs less than you might expect: ‘This excellent but inexpensive hotel can be thoroughly recommended.’ ‘Denmark is famous for its friendly people and inexpensive accommodation.’
Savings is money saved over a period of time, usually by a person or family: ‘I’m paying for the course out of my own savings.’ ‘She invested her life savings in the new business.’

BAD: The Brazilian economics seem to be improving.
GOOD: The Brazilian economy seems to be improving.

Usage Note:
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