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economize (also economise) /ɪˈkɒnəmaɪz $ ɪˈkɑː-/ verb [intransitive]

صرفه جویی کردن ، رعایت اقتصاد کردن
Synonyms: cut back, be economical, be frugal, draw in one's horns, retrench, save, scrimp, tighten one's belt
Antonyms: squander, throw away
Contrasted words: dissipate, scatter, waste
Related Words: conserve, scrimp, skimp
English Thesaurus: save, set/put aside, scrimp and save, squirrel something away, economize, ...

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economize (also economise British English) /ɪˈkɒnəmaɪz $ ɪˈkɑː-/ verb [intransitive]
[Word Family: noun: economics, economist, economy; adjective: economic, economicalUNECONOMIC(AL), economy; verb: economize; adverb: economicallyuneconomically]
to reduce the amount of money, time, goods etc that you use Synonym : cut down
economize on
Higher taxes encourage people to economize on fuel.

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