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embarrassed /ɪmˈbærəst/ adjective

embarrass: دست پاچه کردن ، براشفتن ، خجالت دادن ، شرمسار شدن
Synonyms: ashamed, awkward, blushing, discomfited, disconcerted, humiliated, mortified, red-faced, self-conscious, sheepish
English Thesaurus: embarrassed, self-conscious, uncomfortable, awkward, sheepish, ...

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embarrassed S3 /ɪmˈbærəst/ adjective
[Word Family: adjective: embarrassed, embarrassing; verb: embarrass; noun: embarrassment; adverb: embarrassingly]

1. feeling uncomfortable or nervous and worrying about what people think of you, for example because you have made a silly mistake, or because you have to talk or sing in public:
Lori gets embarrassed if we ask her to sing.
He looked embarrassed when I asked him where he’d been.
very/deeply/highly/acutely embarrassed
Michelle was acutely embarrassed (=very embarrassed) at having to ask for money.
embarrassed smile/laugh/grin etc
Ken gave her an embarrassed grin.
There was an embarrassed silence.
embarrassed to do something
He was embarrassed to admit making a mistake.
embarrassed about/at
I felt embarrassed about how untidy the house was.

2. financially embarrassed having no money or having debts

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I. shy/awkward/ashamed
VERBS be, feel, look, seem, sound | become
ADV. acutely, deeply, excruciatingly, extremely, highly, particularly, really, terribly, very | almost | a bit, faintly, a little, quite, rather, slightly, somewhat He looked a bit embarrassed.
clearly, obviously, visibly
PREP. about She's embarrassed about her height.
at He felt acutely embarrassed at being the centre of attention.
by She seemed almost embarrassed by her own outburst.
for His colour had risen and Isobel felt embarrassed for him.

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II. not having any money
ADV. financially

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terribly/deeply embarrassed (=very embarrassed)
I was deeply embarrassed to see my mother arrive in a very short skirt.
acutely/highly embarrassed (=extremely embarrassed)
The government must be acutely embarrassed by the minister’s behaviour.
slightly/a little embarrassed
Tom looked slightly embarrassed when his name was called out.
somewhat embarrassed (=slightly embarrassed)
His family seemed somewhat embarrassed to be there.
clearly/obviously embarrassed (=in a way that is obvious to other people)
He was clearly embarrassed about what had happened.
feel embarrassed
I felt embarrassed that he had seen me cry.
seem/look/sound embarrassed
The judge seemed embarrassed to be asking her such personal questions.
get/become embarrassed
Sometimes I get embarrassed, and I start to stutter.
an embarrassed silence
There was an embarrassed silence, then Gina laughed loudly.
an embarrassed smile/laugh/grin
Lucy gave an embarrassed smile and looked down at her feet.

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