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embarrassment /ɪmˈbærəsmənt/ noun

- shame, awkwardness, bashfulness, distress, humiliation, mortification, self-consciousness, showing up (informal)
- predicament, bind (informal), difficulty, mess, pickle (informal), scrape (informal)
Contrasted words: assurance, calm, imperturbability, savoir faire
Related Words: constraint, strain, agitation, discombobulation, perturbation, chagrin, distress, vexation, humiliation, mortification, difficulty, Queer Street

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embarrassment /ɪmˈbærəsmənt/ noun
[Word Family: adjective: embarrassed, embarrassing; verb: embarrass; noun: embarrassment; adverb: embarrassingly]

1. [uncountable] the feeling you have when you are embarrassed
embarrassment at
She suffered extreme embarrassment at not knowing how to read.
He could not hide his embarrassment at his children’s rudeness.
to sb’s embarrassment
To her embarrassment, she couldn’t remember his name.

2. [countable] an event that causes a government, political organization etc problems, and makes it look bad
embarrassment to/for
The allegations have been an acute embarrassment (=serious and severe embarrassment) to the Prime Minister.
The scandal was a further source of embarrassment to the government.

3. [countable] someone who behaves in a way that makes you feel ashamed, nervous, or uncomfortable
embarrassment to
Tim’s drinking has made him an embarrassment to the whole family.

4. financial embarrassment debts or a lack of money that causes problems for you

5. an embarrassment of riches so many good things that it is difficult to decide which one you want

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I. feeling of being embarrassed
ADJ. acute, considerable, great, intense, severe | total | slight She smiled to hide her slight embarrassment.
further | obvious | silent
VERB + EMBARRASSMENT feel I felt some embarrassment as we shook hands.
cover, hide | cause | avoid The government wishes to avoid further embarrassment over the affair.
blush/flush with, giggle with, squirm with I still squirm with embarrassment at the thought of it.
die from/of (figurative) I could have died of embarrassment when I saw her standing behind me.
ease, relieve | save sb, spare sb Helen changed the subject to save me the embarrassment of replying.
PREP. in ~ We all watched in silent embarrassment as Mr Rogers started to cry.
with/without ~ I could finally talk about my problem without embarrassment.
~ at her embarrassment at being found out
~ over the government's embarrassment over the affair
PHRASES (much) to sb's embarrassment Much to his embarrassment, Mike realized that a small crowd was watching him.
feelings of embarrassment, a flush of embarrassment A flush of embarrassment came to her cheeks.
a source of embarrassment

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II. sb/sth that makes you embarrassed
ADJ. considerable, great, huge, major, serious, severe | potential | financial, political, social
VERB + EMBARRASSMENT be, become, prove The protests were becoming something of an embarrassment to the government.
consider sb/sth
PREP. ~ for The episode was a huge embarrassment for all concerned.
~ to The poor child was considered an embarrassment to his family.

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great embarrassment
To my great embarrassment, my dad started dancing.
severe/extreme embarrassment
This scandal could cause severe embarrassment to the government.
considerable embarrassment (=quite strong)
His behaviour was a source of considerable embarrassment to his family.
acute embarrassment (=very strong and not lasting very long)
There was a moment of acute embarrassment when we realized people were watching.
further embarrassment (=extra or additional)
His resignation should save the government any further embarrassment.
potential embarrassment (=possible)
By dropping out of the competition, he was spared the potential embarrassment of losing.
obvious embarrassment (=clear for other people to see)
He shuffled his feet around in obvious embarrassment.
cause embarrassment
Some of his jokes caused embarrassment to the older members of the audience.
avoid embarrassment
This solution could help both countries avoid embarrassment.
hide your embarrassment
She started laughing in an attempt to hide her embarrassment.
a source of embarrassment (=a cause of embarrassment)
His views on immigration were a constant source of embarrassment to the party.
be/become an embarrassment
Your behaviour is becoming an embarrassment to the school.
be considered an embarrassment (=be thought of as embarrassing)
He may be popular abroad, but he's considered an embarrassment at home.
prove an embarrassment (=be an embarrassment)
The publication of the documents proved a severe embarrassment to the company.
a big/severe embarrassment
This failure was a severe embarrassment to the government.
a huge embarrassment (=very big or severe)
If the story is true, it could prove a huge embarrassment to the star.
a serious/major embarrassment (=severe and important)
This episode has been a serious embarrassment for the club.
an acute embarrassment (=extremely severe and important)
Her memoirs were an acute embarrassment to the president.
a considerable embarrassment (=quite severe)
The photograph was a considerable embarrassment to the royal family.

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