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expenditure /ɪkˈspendɪtʃə $ -ər/ noun

برامد ، هزینه ، خرج ، مخارج ، مصرف ، پرداخت ، قانون ـ فقه: استعمال ، علوم نظامی: میزان مصرف
مهندسی صنایع: تولید: میزان مصرف - هزینه
فروش/خرید/تدارکات: هزینه ، مخارج
نت: هزینه-مخارج-مصرف

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Synonyms: spending, consumption, cost, expense, outgoings, outlay, output, payment
English Thesaurus: spending, expenditure, costs, expenses, outgoings, ...

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expenditure W2 /ɪkˈspendɪtʃə $ -ər/ noun
[Word Family: noun: expenditure, expense, expenses; verb: expend; adverb: expensivelyinexpensively; adjective: expensiveinexpensive]

1. [uncountable and countable] the total amount of money that a government, organization, or person spends during a particular period of time ⇒ income
expenditure on
expenditure on research and development
huge cuts in public expenditure (=the amount of money a government spends on services for the public)
government expenditure on education
capital expenditure (=spending by a company on buildings, machinery, equipment etc)
expenditure of
an expenditure of £1 million

2. [uncountable] the action of spending or using time, money, energy etc:
the expenditure of time and money on your house or garden

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ADJ. considerable, heavy, high, huge, major, massive The group is calling for higher expenditure on education.
low, modest | average the family's average expenditure on food
aggregate, overall, total | gross, net | additional, extra, further | increased | excessive | necessary, unnecessary | budget, budgeted, estimated, planned, projected, proposed | actual The next two items refer to actual expenditures incurred, rather than estimated needs.
current, future Pay constitutes two-thirds of all current expenditure.
annual | per capita the country with the highest per capita expenditure on health care in the EU
direct the total direct expenditure on training
operating | capital Capital expenditure can be financed by borrowing; operating expenditure should not.
local, national | federal, government, public, state Public expenditure was running at 44.6% of GNP.
departmental, household, personal | consumer | advertising, research and development | defence, health, military, social, welfare
QUANT. item You may wish to take out a loan for a major item of expenditure.
VERB + EXPENDITURE increase | control, curb, cut, limit, reduce plans to cut health expenditure
allow for, budget, provide for, plan, set The budget provided for expenditure of $2 billion. Expenditure was set at £16 million. | estimate, project, put Expenditure was put at 100 million euros.
incur | finance, meet Make sure you have enough in the current account to meet expenditure.
have Both brands had heavy advertising expenditure. | monitor
EXPENDITURE + VERB go up, grow, increase, rise | fall, go down | amount to sth Total expenditure amounted to approximately £1 million.
run at sth | exceed sth people whose annual expenditure exceeds their income
arise from sth extra expenditure arising from the commission's report into health and safety
EXPENDITURE + NOUN cut public expenditure cuts
level | pattern
PREP. ~ of government expenditure of more than £500 million
~ on increased expenditure on the railway network
PHRASES a cut/reduction in expenditure, an increase/a rise in expenditure

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public/government/state expenditure (=money a government spends on the services it provides for people)
The Conservatives want to maintain a firm control on public expenditure.
national/local expenditure (=money spent by national or local government)
There have been cuts in local expenditure on education.
military/defence expenditure (=money that a government spends on the armed forces)
Military expenditure has been growing year on year.
health/welfare/education expenditure (=money that a government spends on providing health services, welfare, or education)
There has been a steady rise in welfare expenditure.
household expenditure (=the amount of money the people in a house spend on food, heating etc)
Sally cut her household expenditure and tried to save every penny she could.
total/overall expenditure
The company's total expenditure rose by 19%.
additional/extra expenditure
Businesses have been forced to pass on the additional expenditure to customers.
capital expenditure (=money that a company spends on buildings, machinery etc)
Capital expenditure on IT equipment will come from a different budget.
gross/net expenditure (=the total amount a company spends before/after any tax or costs have been taken away)
Spending on research and development represents 13% of our gross expenditure.
increase expenditure
The company plans to increase capital expenditure by 20% this financial year.
cut/reduce expenditure
Their policies are designed to cut public expenditure.
expenditure rises
As public expenditure has risen, so have taxes.
expenditure falls
Government expenditure on scientific research has fallen in the last few years.
an increase/rise in expenditure
The government has announced a planned 4.4% increase in public expenditure.
a cut/reduction in expenditure
There has been a marked reduction in expenditure on some social and welfare services.
an item of expenditure (=something a government or person spends money on)
Housing is the biggest single item of expenditure in the budgets of most households.

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