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expense /ɪkˈspens/ noun

برامد ، هزینه ، خرج ، (مخارج) مصرف ، فدیه ، معماری: هزینه ، قانون ـ فقه: خرج
مهندسی صنایع: هزینه ، خرج مهندسی صنایع: فروش/خرید/تدارکات: کالاهای مصرفی

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Synonyms: cost, charge, expenditure, loss, outlay, payment, spending
Related Words: decrement, forfeit, forfeiture, sacrifice, deprivation, loss

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expense S3 W2 /ɪkˈspens/ noun
[Word Family: noun: expenditure, expense, expenses; verb: expend; adverb: expensivelyinexpensively; adjective: expensiveinexpensive]

1. [uncountable and countable] the amount of money that you spend on something:
He borrowed £150,000 and used the money for legal expenses.
Conference rooms were equipped at great expense.

2. expenses money that you spend on things such as travel and food while you are doing your job, and which your employer then pays to you
on expenses
Can you claim this meal on expenses?

3. at the expense of somebody/something if something is done at the expense of someone or something else, it is only achieved by doing something that could harm the other person or thing:
the growth in short breaks, at the expense of longer package holidays

4. at sb’s expense
a) if you do something at someone’s expense, they pay for you to do it:
Her mansion was refurnished at taxpayers’ expense.
b) if you make jokes at someone’s expense, you laugh about them and make them seem stupid or silly:
Louis kept making jokes at his wife’s expense.

5. all expenses paid having all of your costs for hotels, travel, meals etc paid for by someone else:
The prize is an all-expenses-paid trip to Rio.

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I. cost/money spent on sth
ADJ. considerable, enormous, great, vast | additional, extra | unexpected | unnecessary | public The bridge was built at public expense.
VERB + EXPENSE go to, incur They went to all the expense of redecorating the house and then they moved.
put sb to Their visit put us to a lot of expense.
bear, cover, meet She had to meet the expense herself.
spare no No expense was spared (= they spent as much money as was needed) to make the party a success.
avoid | be worth The results are well worth the expense.
PREP. at sb/sth's ~ They had to repair the damage at their own expense. He built up the business at the expense of his health.
at … ~ The garden was transformed at great expense. The accommodation package includes admission to the golf course at no extra expense.

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II. sth that makes you spend money
ADJ. big, considerable | incidental Relocated employees received grants towards incidental expenses like buying carpets.
business, management Meetings, and the time for them, are a considerable management expense.

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III. expenses: money spent for a particular purpose
ADJ. high Medical expenses can be quite high if you are not insured.
deduct You will have to pay income tax on the rent you receive, although you can deduct expenses such as insurance.
EXPENSE + VERB arise You can expect to receive compensation for all expenses arising out of the accident.
EXPENSE + NOUN expense account Put the cost of the meal on your expense account.
expense/expenses claim
PREP. on ~ a commercial traveller staying at the hotel on expenses
PHRASES all expenses paid a two-day, all expenses paid trip to London allowable, legitimate, reasonable You can claim back the tax on legitimate business expenses.
basic The guides are unpaid except for basic expenses.
out-of-pocket (= paid for by an employee, to be claimed back later from the employer) Any out-of-pocket expenses incurred on the firm's business will be reimbursed.
personal | living | household | operating, overhead, running | business, work-related | travel/travelling | relocation, removal | legal, medical | funeral
VERB + EXPENSE incur | cover, defray, meet, pay, refund, reimburse He was given a sum of money to cover his travel expenses.
claim (back) They are claiming expenses for travel and overnight accommodation.

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the extra/additional expense
Is it worth the extra expense to get a room with a sea view?
an unnecessary expense
Paying extra for leather seats seemed like an unnecessary expense.
living expenses (=money that you spend on rent, food, and things such as electricity, gas etc)
She receives £80 a week, from which she must pay for all her living expenses.
operating expenses (=money that a company spends on running its business)
We must reduce our operating expenses.
legal/medical expenses
We had to get a loan to pay for my husband’s medical expenses.
The tenant can incur considerable legal expenses.
household expenses (=money spent looking after a house and the people in it)
Unfortunately, household expenses don’t go away just because you’re in hospital or out of work.
funeral expenses (=the cost of arranging a funeral)
She had a small insurance policy to cover the funeral expenses.
at great/huge/considerable/vast expense (=used when saying that something costs a lot of money)
The tiles were imported at great expense from Italy.
Recently, and at vast expense to the taxpayer, the bridge was rebuilt.
at your own expense (=used when saying that you pay for something yourself)
He had copies of the book printed at his own expense.
at (the) public expense (=paid for by the public through taxes)
The bridge was built at public expense.
go to the expense of doing something (=do something that costs a lot of money)
The council must now decide whether to go to the expense of appealing through the courts.
spare no expense (in doing something) (=spend a lot of money to buy the best things)
Her parents spared no expense in arranging the wedding.
Everything has been provided tonight – no expense has been spared!
incur an expense formal (=have to pay for something)
Potential buyers incur the expense of a survey and legal fees.
travel/travelling expenses
The company will pay the travelling expenses involved in getting to and from the meeting.
entertainment/business expenses
The president receives an unspecified allowance for business and entertainment expenses.
relocation/moving expenses
Successful candidates will receive a comprehensive benefits package that includes relocation expenses if needed.
pay sb’s expenses
They agreed to pay my travel expenses and initial accommodation costs.
claim expenses (=officially ask your employer to pay you back money that you have spent while doing your job)
If you have to stay overnight, you will be able to claim any expenses back.
reimburse sb’s expenses (=pay the money someone has spent for business purposes back to them)
Your expenses will usually be reimbursed within one month of receiving the claim.

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