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expressive /ɪkˈspresɪv/ adjective

گویا ، رسا ، پرمعنی ، حاکی ، اشاره کننده ، مشعر ، روانشناسی: بیانگر
Synonyms: vivid, eloquent, moving, poignant, striking, telling
Antonyms: inexpressive, unexpressive
Contrasted words: banal, commonplace, drab, dull, flat, jejune, inane, insipid, vacuous, vapid, impassive, indifferent, austere, severe, stern, stiff, wooden, blank, deadpan, empty, expressionless, vacant, dead
Related Words: revealing, revelatory, suggestive, graphic, pictorial, vivid, alive, demonstrative, lively, responsive, senseful, spirited

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expressive /ɪkˈspresɪv/ adjective
[Word Family: adverb: expressively, expressionlessly, inexpressibly; adjective: expressiveinexpressive, expressionless, inexpressible; noun: expression, expressiveness; verb: express]

1. showing very clearly what someone thinks or feels Antonym : expressionless:
her wonderfully expressive eyes

2. be expressive of something formal showing a particular feeling or influence:
Her poem is expressive of calm days and peace of mind.
—expressively adverb
—expressiveness noun [uncountable]

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VERBS be | become
ADV. deeply, highly, very, wonderfully She has a wonderfully expressive voice.
PREP. of His art is deeply expressive of emotions.

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