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familiarity /fəˌmɪliˈærəti, fəˌmɪliˈærɪti/ noun [uncountable]

اشنایی ، انس ، روانشناسی: اشنایی
- acquaintance, awareness, experience, grasp, understanding
- friendliness, ease, informality, intimacy, openness, sociability
- disrespect, boldness, forwardness, presumption
Antonyms: unfamiliarity
Related Words: awareness, cognition, comprehension, knowledge, understanding

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familiarity /fəˌmɪliˈærəti, fəˌmɪliˈærɪti/ noun [uncountable]
[Word Family: noun: familiarityunfamiliarity, family, familiarization; adjective: familiarunfamiliar, familial; verb: familiarize; adverb: familiarly]

1. a good knowledge of a particular subject or place
familiarity with
In fact his familiarity with the Bronx was pretty limited.

2. the quality of being well-known to you:
I miss the familiarity of home.

3. a relaxed way of speaking to someone or behaving with someone:
He treated her with the easy familiarity of an equal.

4. familiarity breeds contempt an expression meaning that if you know someone too well, you find out their faults and respect them less

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I. knowing sb/sth well
ADJ. detailed, greater, intimate | basic
VERB + FAMILIARITY have I had only a basic familiarity with computers.
acquire, gain Over the years, he gained greater familiarity with the culture and way of life in the country.
PREP. ~ with her detailed familiarity with her subject
PHRASES a lack of familiarity

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II. friendly informal manner
ADJ. easy He treated her with the easy familiarity of an equal.

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