unfamiliar ●●●○○
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unfamiliar /ˌʌnfəˈmɪliə◂ $ -ər◂/ adjective

(unfamiliarity) نااشنا ، ناشناخته ، عجیب ، نااشنایی
Synonyms: strange, alien, different, new, novel, unknown, unusual
Antonyms: familiar
Contrasted words: accustomed, commonplace, customary, ordinary, usual, wonted
Related Words: exotic, foreign, curious, peculiar, remarkable, unknown

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unfamiliar /ˌʌnfəˈmɪliə◂ $ -ər◂/ adjective
[Word Family: noun: familiarityunfamiliarity, family, familiarization; adjective: familiarunfamiliar, familial; verb: familiarize; adverb: familiarly]

1. not known to you
unfamiliar surroundings/place/environment etc
She stood on deck to gaze at the unfamiliar surroundings.