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feast /fiːst/ noun [countable]

مهمانی ، سور ، ضیافت ، عید ، خوشگذرانی کردن ، جشن گرفتن ، عیاشی کردن
- banquet, dinner, repast, spread (informal), treat
- festival, celebration, fête, holiday, holy day, red-letter day, saint's day
- treat, delight, enjoyment, gratification, pleasure
- eat one's fill, gorge, gormandize, indulge, overindulge, pig out (slang), wine and dine
Related Words: entertainment, festivity, refreshment, repast, meal

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I. feast1 /fiːst/ noun [countable]
[Date: 1100-1200; Language: Old French; Origin: feste 'occasion of celebration', from Latin festum]

1. a large meal where a lot of people celebrate a special occasion ⇒ banquet:
a wedding feast
The king promised to hold a great feast for all his people.

2. a very good large meal:
all the ingredients for a spaghetti feast
midnight feast (=a meal eaten secretly at night by children)

3. an occasion when there are a lot of enjoyable things to see or do
feast for
Next week’s film festival should be a real feast for cinema-goers.
The play is also a visual feast.

4. a day or period when there is a religious celebration:
the feast day of St. Francis
movable feast

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II. feast2 verb

1. feast on/upon something to eat a lot of a particular food with great enjoyment:
We feasted on chicken and roast potatoes.

2. feast your eyes on somebody/something to look at someone or something with great pleasure:
If you like luxury cars, feast your eyes on these.

3. [intransitive] to eat and drink a lot to celebrate something

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I. special meal
ADJ. delicious | great, sumptuous Villagers used to hold a great feast at harvest time.
village, wedding
VERB + FEAST give, have, hold | make, prepare The women were busy preparing the wedding feast.
provide (sb with) The migrating salmon provide a delicious feast for the brown bear.
PREP. at a/the ~ | ~ of a feast of Spanish food and wine

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II. religious festival
ADJ. moveable (the date of which varies from year to year)
VERB + FEAST celebrate
PREP. on the ~ of on the feast of St John
~ of the feast of the Passover

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have a feast
We decided to have a feast to celebrate the victory.
give a feast
He gave a feast to which all the villagers were invited.
hold a feast (=arrange for a feast to take place)
The feast was held in the college dining hall.
prepare a feast
A catering company was hired to prepare the feast.
a great feast (=a large and impressive feast)
A great feast took place at the palace.
a wedding/marriage feast
This dish is traditionally served at wedding feasts.

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