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refreshment /rɪˈfreʃmənt/ noun

نیرو بخشی ، تازه سازی ، رفع خستگی ، نوشابه
Synonyms: refreshments
food and drink, drinks, snacks, titbits

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refreshment /rɪˈfreʃmənt/ noun formal
[Word Family: noun: freshness, refreshment, refreshments, refresher; adverb: freshly, freshingly, refreshingly; adjective: fresh, refreshing, refreshed; verb: freshen, refresh]

1. refreshments [plural] small amounts of food and drink that are provided at a meeting, sports event etc:
Refreshments will be served after the meeting.

2. [uncountable] food and drink in general:
We worked all day without refreshment.
liquid refreshment (=alcoholic drink – used humorously)
I was in need of some liquid refreshment.

3. [uncountable] the experience of being made to feel less tired or hot

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ADJ. light | liquid (humorous)
VERB + REFRESHMENT need | take | pause for, stop for We stopped for refreshment halfway through the journey.
provide (sb with), serve Light refreshments will be served in the interval.
REFRESHMENT + VERB be available
REFRESHMENT + NOUN area, hut, kiosk, room | facilities, service
PREP. for ~ We're allowed twenty minutes for refreshment.
for ~s What are we going to have for refreshments?
PHRASES a place of refreshment, rest and refreshment rest and refreshment for the mind and body

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