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finish /ˈfɪnɪʃ/ verb

کامل کردن ، پایان مسابقه ، بپایان رسانیدن ، تمام کردن ، رنگ وروغن زدن ، تمام شدن ، پرداخت رنگ وروغن ، دست کاری تکمیلی ، پایان ، پرداخت کار ، علوم مهندسی: تکمیل کردن ، ورزش: بیرون اوردن پارو در هر بار از اب ، علوم هوایی: پرداخت
مهندسی صنایع: پایان ، اتمام ، تمام کردن ، به پایان رساندن ، پرداخت کاری کردن ، پرداخت

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- stop, cease, close, complete, conclude, end, round off, terminate, wind up, wrap up (informal)
- consume, devour, dispose of, eat, empty, exhaust, use up
- destroy, bring down, defeat, dispose of, exterminate, overcome, put an end to, put paid to, rout, ruin
- perfect, polish, refine
- coat, gild, lacquer, polish, stain, texture, veneer, wax
- end, cessation, close, completion, conclusion, culmination, denouement, finale, run-in
- defeat, annihilation, curtains (informal), death, end, end of the road, ruin
- surface, lustre, patina, polish, shine, smoothness, texture
Related Idioms: have done with
Related Words: accomplish, achieve, effect, fulfill, correctness, discrimination, propriety, refinement, elegance, grace, polish, cultivation, taste
English Thesaurus: end, finish, be over, come to an end, draw to an end/to a close, ...

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I. finish1 S1 W2 /ˈfɪnɪʃ/ verb
[Word Family: verb: finish; noun: finish; adjective: finishedunfinished]
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: French; Origin: finir, from Latin finire, from finis 'end']

1. STOP DOING SOMETHING (also finish off) [intransitive and transitive] to complete the last part of something that you are doing:
You can’t go anywhere until you’ve finished your homework.
Have you finished that book yet?
finish doing something
I finished typing the report just minutes before it was due.
‘How’s the decorating going?’ ‘We’ve nearly finished.’

2. END [intransitive] especially British English when an event, activity, or period of time finishes, it ends, especially at a particular time:
The football season finishes in May.
What time does school finish?

3. EAT/DRINK (also finish up/off) [transitive] to eat or drink all the rest of something, so there is none left:
I’ll just finish my coffee.

4. END SOMETHING BY DOING SOMETHING (also finish off) [intransitive and transitive] to complete an event, performance, piece of work etc by doing one final thing
finish with
The party finished with a sing-song.
finish (something) by doing something
I would like to finish by thanking you all for your help.

5. RACE [intransitive and transitive] to be in a particular position at the end of a race, competition etc
finish first/second/third etc
He finished second in the 100 metres, behind Ben Johnson.

6. TAKE AWAY SB’S STRENGTH (also finish off) [transitive] to take away all of someone’s strength, energy etc Synonym : do somebody in:
Another run like that would just about finish me.

7. USE ALL OF SOMETHING [intransitive and transitive] British English to completely use up the supply of something, especially food:
The ice cream’s finished – can you get some more?

8. put/add the finishing touches (to something) to add the final details that make your work complete:
The band are putting the finishing touches to their new album.

9. SURFACE [transitive] to give the surface of something, especially wood, a smooth appearance by painting, polishing, or covering it:
The furniture had been attractively finished in a walnut veneer.

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II. finish2 S3 noun
[Word Family: verb: finish; noun: finish; adjective: finishedunfinished]

1. [countable] the end or last part of something:
I was watching the race but I didn’t get to see the finish.
The day was a disaster from start to finish (=from the beginning until the end).
I won’t walk out – I like to see things through to the finish.
a close finish (=an end of a race where two competitors are very close to each other)

2. a fight to the finish a fight or game in which the teams or competitors struggle until one is completely defeated

3. [uncountable and countable] the appearance of the surface of an object after it has been painted, polished etc:
That table has a beautiful finish.

[TahlilGaran] Dictionary of Contemporary English

I. last part/end of sth
ADJ. exciting, good, great, thrilling, tremendous His best finish was 11th in the Hungarian Grand Prix.
perfect It was the perfect finish to a wonderful day.
sprint, storming, strong The runners came round the bend for a sprint finish in the home straight.
close, dramatic, nail-biting, photo, tight It was a photo finish, with three horses neck and neck at the finishing line.
VERB + FINISH provide The rules of the game were changed to provide a more exciting finish for the television audience.
be in at Her car suffered from gearbox trouble, but she was still in at the finish.
PREP. at the ~ Several runners needed medical attention at the finish.
to a/the ~ They fought bravely right to the finish.
~ to a dramatic finish to the match
PHRASES from start to finish He was in the lead from start to finish.

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II. look/feel of sth
ADJ. good, neat, professional | perfect | attractive | decorative | fine, smooth | textured | natural | paint/painted | eggshell, gloss/glossy, matt, satin, shiny | brass, metallic, wood a guitar with a natural wood finish
surface | floor, wall, etc. The wall and floor finishes are all of the the highest standard.
VERB + FINISH have This paint has a gloss finish.
achieve, get, obtain With our new tool for putting up wallpaper you can get a perfect finish every time.
create, give (sth), produce, provide This trim really does give the garment a professional finish.
match The steel roof has been coloured to match the finish of the original wrought iron.
apply Make sure the surface is clean and smooth before the finish is applied.
PREP. to a ~ Sand the wood to a fine finish using steel wool.
with a ~ a door handle with a brass finish
~ on How did you achieve that finish on the wood?

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ADV. almost, nearly | just She had just finished dressing when the telephone rang.
soon | eventually, finally | off He finished off by welcoming new arrivals to the school.
VERB + FINISH let sb Let me just finish what I'm doing.
PREP. by He finished by telling us about his trip to Spain.
with The evening finished with a few songs. Have you finished with the vacuum cleaner yet? I need it.

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