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finished /ˈfɪnɪʃt/ adjective

تمام شده ، پرداخته ، مهذب ، با کمال
- polished, accomplished, perfected, professional, refined
- over, closed, complete, done, ended, finalized, through
- spent, done, drained, empty, exhausted, used up
- ruined, defeated, done for (informal), doomed, lost, through, undone, wiped out
Antonyms: crude, unfinished
Contrasted words: imperfect, incomplete
Related Words: cultivated, cultured, refined, smooth, suave, urbane, elegant, exquisite, all-around, many-sided, versatile
English Thesaurus: during, all through, over, in the course of something, within, ...

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finished /ˈfɪnɪʃt/ adjective
[Word Family: verb: finish; noun: finish; adjective: finishedunfinished]

1. [not before noun] no longer doing, dealing with, or using something Synonym : done:
I’m almost finished.
finished with
Are you finished with my tools yet?

2. [only before noun] fully and properly made or completed:
It took a long time to do, but the finished product was worth it.
finished article British English:
The painting began to look like the finished article.

3. [not before noun] no longer successful, effective, or able to continue:
If the bank refuses to increase our loan, we’re finished!

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