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firm /fɜːm $ fɜːrm/ noun [countable]

بنگاه ، واحد اقتصادی ، شرکت ، تجارتخانه ، کارخانه ، موسسه بازرگانی ، محکم ، ثابت ، پابرجا ، راسخ ، سفت کردن ، استوار کردن ، قانون ـ فقه: شرکت ، بازرگانی: موسسه تجارتخانه
مهندسی صنایع: شرکت ، موسسه مهندسی صنایع: فروش/خرید/تدارکات: موسسه بازرگانی ، استوار کردن

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- hard, dense, inflexible, rigid, set, solid, solidified, stiff, unyielding
- secure, embedded, fast, fixed, immovable, rooted, stable, steady, tight, unshakable
- definite, adamant, inflexible, resolute, resolved, set on, unbending, unshakable, unyielding
company, association, business, concern, conglomerate, corporation, enterprise, organization, partnership
Antonyms: flabby
Contrasted words: flaccid, flimsy, floppy, limp, loose, slack, sleazy, soft, squishy, changeable, fluctuating, shaky, shifting, unsteady, variable
Related Words: close, compact, dense, thick, inelastic, inflexible, rigid, stiff, unyielding, sturdy, substantial, tough, established, going, prevailing, consistent, stable, steady, unwavering, definite, exact, explicit, specific, undeviating, flat
English Thesaurus: company, firm, business, corporation, multinational, ...

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I. firm1 S1 W1 /fɜːm $ fɜːrm/ noun [countable]
[Date: 1700-1800; Language: Italian; Origin: firma 'signature', from Latin firmare 'to show to be true', from firmus; firm2]
a business or company, especially a small one
electronics/advertising/law etc firm
She works for an electronics firm.
a firm of accountants/solicitors/builders etc
Kevin is with a firm of accountants in Birmingham.

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II. firm2 S3 W2 adjective
[Word Family: noun: firmness, infirmity, the infirm; adjective: firm, infirm; adverb: firmly]
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Old French; Origin: Latin firmus]

1. not completely hard, but not soft, and not easy to bend into a different shape Antonym : soft:
The sofa cushions are fairly firm.
a firm green apple
Most doctors recommend sleeping on a firm mattress.

2. strongly fixed in position, and not likely to move Synonym : secure:
Make sure the ladder feels firm before you climb up.
A concrete foundation was poured after digging down to firm ground.
Mount the tanks side by side on a firm base.

3. not likely to change
firm conviction/commitment/belief etc
Our client hasn’t reached a firm decision on the matter yet.
Blackpool remains a firm favourite with holiday makers from Northern Ireland.
Corey was always a firm believer in prayer.
They made a firm offer (=offered to pay a particular amount) on the house over the weekend.
Diana and Laura have been firm friends (=close friends) since their early teens.

4. showing in the way that you behave or speak that you are the person in control and that you are not likely to change your answer, belief etc:
Cal replied with a polite but firm ‘no’.
What this country needs is firm leadership.
be firm with somebody
You need to be firm with her or she’ll try to take advantage of you.

5. HAND a firm grip/hold/grasp etc if you have something in a firm grip etc, you are holding it tightly and strongly:
He took a firm grip of my arm and marched me towards the door.
a firm handshake

6. take a firm stand/line to state your opinion clearly and not be persuaded to change it

7. stand/hold firm to not change your actions or opinions
stand/hold firm against
Jones is urging Christians to stand firm against abortion.

8. a firm hand a strict way of dealing with someone:
These children need a firm hand.

9. MONEY [not before noun] if the value of a particular country’s money is firm, it does not fall in value Synonym : steady
firm against
The pound is still firm against the dollar.
—firmly adverb
—firmness noun [uncountable]

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III. firm3 verb [transitive]
to press down on soil to make it harder or more solid
firm something ↔ up phrasal verb

1. to make arrangements, ideas etc more definite and exact:
We’re hoping to firm up the deal later this month.

2. to make a part of your body have more muscle and less fat by exercising

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I. solid/strong
VERBS be, feel, look, seem | remain, stay Exercise is important if you want your muscles to stay firm.
make sth Use extra stuffing to make the cushions firmer.
keep sth exercises to keep your muscles firm
ADV. very | fairly, quite, reasonably

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II. not likely to change
VERBS be, sound | hold, remain, stand Jo held firm: nothing else would do. We stand firm on these principles.
ADV. very | fairly, quite
PREP. with I have always been quite firm with my children.

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ADJ. big, large, major | medium-sized | small | well-known | successful | established | start-up start-up firms in the booming computer market
private | family | international, multinational | foreign | local | accountancy, audit/auditing, broking, consulting, engineering, law, manufacturing, software, stockbroking, telecommunications | mail order
VERB + FIRM establish, found, set up, start (up) She set up her own software firm.
manage, run | merge with They are likely to merge with a bigger firm.
acquire, buy (out), take over The firm was taken over by a multinational consulting firm.
close (down), dissolve the decision to close down the firm
own | work for | join, leave | employ, hire She hired a firm of private detectives to follow him.
FIRM + VERB be based in sth a firm called Data Incorporated, based in Chicago
expand, grow | merge | compete Local firms are finding it difficult to compete in the international market.
close (down), collapse, fail, go bust, go into liquidation The well-established firm closed down with the loss of 600 jobs.
develop sth, make sth, manufacture sth, produce sth | specialize in sth a firm specializing in high-technology products
PREP. in/within a/the ~ the different departments within the firm
PHRASES a client of a firm, a firm of accountants/consultants/solicitors, a partner in a firm
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a large/big firm
He is managing director of a large firm.
a small firm
He trained with a small firm in Cardiff.
a medium-sized firm
The law will not effect medium-sized firms with less than 100 employees.
an engineering/building/electronics etc firm
Fred worked for an electronics firm.
a law/accounting/advertising etc firm
She was offered a job with a law firm.
a British/American Swiss etc firm
British firms are competing with a number of foreign companies.
a local firm
The equipment was supplied by a local firm.
a foreign firm
There has been renewed competition from foreign firms.
a family firm
The business grew from a small family firm into a large company.
a firm of solicitors/accountants/surveyors etc
Ms Shaw is a partner in a firm of solicitors.
work for a firm
Chris has been working for this firm for nearly 20 years.
join a firm
He joined the firm when he was in his early twenties.
leave a firm
She left the firm in 2007.
a firm employs somebody
The firm employs more than 200 people.
a firm produces something
Our firm produces computer software for the business market.
a firm supplies something
The firm supplies office furniture to local businesses.

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