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infirmity /ɪnˈfɜːməti, ɪnˈfɜːmɪti $ -ɜːr-/ noun (plural infirmities) [uncountable and countable]

ضعف ، نا توانی
Synonyms: frailty, decrepitude, ill health, sickliness, vulnerability
Antonyms: haleness
Related Words: debilitation, decay, enfeeblement, failing, frailty, weakening, weakness, diseasedness, unwellness, illness, indisposition, sickness, unhealth

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infirmity /ɪnˈfɜːməti, ɪnˈfɜːmɪti $ -ɜːr-/ noun (plural infirmities) [uncountable and countable] formal
[Word Family: noun: firmness, infirmity, the infirm; adjective: firm, infirm; adverb: firmly]
bad health or a particular illness

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ADJ. mental, physical | increasing
PHRASES age and infirmity (literary) those incapable of supporting themselves by reason of age and infirmity

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