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flesh /fleʃ/ noun [uncountable]

گوشت ، مغز میوه ، جسم ، شهوت ، جسمانیت ، حیوانیت ، بشر ، دربدن فرو کردن
- meat, brawn, fat, tissue, weight
- human nature, carnality, flesh and blood
- one's own flesh and blood: family, blood, kin, kinsfolk, kith and kin, relations, relatives

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I. flesh1 W3 /fleʃ/ noun [uncountable]
[Language: Old English; Origin: flæsc]

1. the soft part of the body of a person or animal that is between the skin and the bones:
a freshwater fish with firm white flesh

2. the skin of the human body:
His flesh was red and covered in sores.

the soft part of a fruit or vegetable that can be eaten:
Cut the melon in half and scoop out the flesh.

4. in the flesh if you see someone in the flesh, you see someone who you previously had only seen in pictures, films etc:
He looked much shorter in the flesh than on television.

5. make sb’s flesh creep/crawl to make someone feel frightened, nervous, or uncomfortable:
The way he stared at her made her flesh creep.

6. your own flesh and blood someone who is part of your family:
How can he treat his own flesh and blood that way?

7. the flesh literary the physical human body, as opposed to the mind or spirit
the pleasures/desires/temptations of the flesh (=things such as drinking, eating a lot, or having sex)

8. put flesh on something British English to give more details about something to make it clear, more interesting etc Synonym : flesh something ↔ out:
I’ll try to put some flesh on the plan Margaret has outlined.

9. go the way of all flesh literary to die
get your pound of flesh at pound1(5), ⇒ press the flesh at press2(14), ⇒ the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak at spirit1(16)

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II. flesh2 verb
flesh something ↔ out phrasal verb
to add more details to something in order to make it clear, more interesting etc Synonym : put flesh on something:
You need to flesh out your argument with a few more examples.

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I. soft part of sb's body
ADJ. firm, smooth, soft, tender | pale, pink, white | bare, exposed | raw | torn | burning, burnt | rotting | living | dead | female, male | animal, human
VERB + FLESH touch | cut (into) His shirt was too small for him and cut into the tender flesh at his armpit.
strip, tear at/off Peregrine falcons usually pluck the feathers and strip the flesh off their bird prey. African hunting dogs will tear at the flesh of their victim until it is weak.
dig into, pierce (into), tear (into) Cook the duck until the juices run pale yellow when the flesh is pierced. The weapon tore into his flesh.
eat According to Greek mythology, the minotaur would only eat human flesh.
become, make sth (literary) In the Christian tradition, God is made flesh (= becomes human).
FLESH + VERB tingle My flesh tingled as I got out of the ice cold pool.
crawl, creep (both figurative) The scary story made his flesh creep (= made him feel afraid).
FLESH + NOUN wound The injury was only a flesh wound and would heal in ten days or so.
tone In the centre of the painting there is a woman painted in blues, reds and flesh tones (= colours used to paint human skin).
PREP. in the ~ Thousands of fans gathered to see the band in the flesh (= see the band in reality and not just in a picture).
PHRASES flesh and blood She wasn't a ghost. She was flesh and blood (= alive/real).
flesh and bone Babies are born not just as bundles of flesh and bone (= not simply living bodies without thoughts or feelings) but with already distinctive personalities.
the lusts/pleasures/sins/temptations of the flesh His moral sermons always denounced the lusts of the flesh (= the fulfilment of purely physical or sexual desires).
the smell of flesh the smell of rotting flesh

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II. soft part of fruit/vegetables
ADJ. soft | sweet | juicy
VERB + FLESH chop, cut Pare the mangoes and cut the flesh away from the stone.
scoop (out) Cut the melon in half, remove the seeds and scoop out the flesh.

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