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formless /ˈfɔːmləs $ ˈfɔːrm-/ adjective

بی شکل ، بی ریخت ، روانشناسی: بی شکل
Synonyms: amorphous, inchoate, shapeless, unformed, unshaped
Contrasted words: distinct, formed, definite, explicit, express, specific, ordered, organized
Related Words: chaotic, orderless, unordered, unorganized, indistinct, obscure, unclear, vague, indefinite, indeterminate, undefined, crude, raw, rough, rude

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formless /ˈfɔːmləs $ ˈfɔːrm-/ adjective
[Word Family: noun: form, formation, transformation, reformer, reform, reformation, reformist, transformer, formlessness; verb: form, reform, transform; adjective: reformed, reformist, formless; adverb: formlessly]
without a definite shape:
To the listener, this music is incoherent and formless.
formless horrors that await you in the fog
—formlessly adverb
—formlessness noun [uncountable]

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