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freeze /friːz/ verb (past tense froze /frəʊz $ froʊz/, past participle frozen /ˈfrəʊzən $ ˈfroʊ-/)

Irregular Forms: (froze)(frozen)

مسدود کردن ، ثابت نگاه داشتن ، یخ بستن ، منجمد شدن ، بی اندازه سردکردن ، فلج کردن ، فلج شدن ، ثابت کردن ، غیرقابل حرکت ساختن ، یخ زدگی ، افسردگی ، بازرگانی: محدودیت عدم امکان تغییر ، ورزش: حفظ توپ
کامپیوتر: نرم افزار بوتر

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- chill, harden, ice over or up, stiffen
- suspend, fix, hold up, inhibit, peg, stop

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I. freeze1 S3 W3 /friːz/ verb (past tense froze /frəʊz $ froʊz/, past participle frozen /ˈfrəʊzən $ ˈfroʊ-/)
[Word Family: noun: freeze, freezer, freezing, antifreeze; adjective: freezing, frozen; verb: freeze; adverb: freezing]
[Language: Old English; Origin: freosan]

1. LIQUID [intransitive and transitive] if a liquid or something wet freezes or is frozen, it becomes hard and solid because the temperature is very cold ⇒ melt, thaw:
The lake had frozen overnight.

2. FOOD [intransitive and transitive] to preserve food for a long time by keeping it at a very low temperature, or to be preserved in this way:
I think I’ll freeze that extra meat.
Tomatoes don’t freeze well.

3. MACHINE/ENGINE [intransitive] if a machine, engine, pipe etc freezes, the liquid inside it becomes solid with cold, so that it does not work properly:
The water pipes have frozen.

4. WEATHER it freezes if it freezes outside, the temperature falls to or below freezing point:
Do you think it’ll freeze tonight?

5. FEEL COLD [intransitive] to feel very cold:
I nearly froze to death watching that football match.

6. WAGES/PRICES [transitive] if a government or company freezes wages, prices etc, they do not increase them for a period of time:
The government has been forced to cut spending and freeze public-sector wages.

7. MONEY/PROPERTY [transitive] to legally prevent money in a bank from being spent, property from being sold etc:
The court froze their assets.

8. STOP MOVING [intransitive] to stop moving suddenly and stay completely still and quiet:
I froze and listened; someone was in my apartment.
freeze with
She froze with horror.

9. FILM [transitive] to stop a film or video in order to be able to look at a particular part of it ⇒ freeze-frame:
He froze the picture on the screen.

10. sb’s blood freezes used to say that someone is very frightened or shocked:
I heard his scream and felt my blood freeze.
freeze somebody ↔ out phrasal verb
to deliberately prevent someone from being involved in something, by making it difficult for them, being unkind to them etc:
Why did you freeze me out?
freeze over phrasal verb
if an area or pool of water freezes over, its surface turns into ice:
The lake has frozen over.
freeze up phrasal verb

1. if a machine, engine, or pipe freezes up, the liquid inside becomes solid with cold so that it does not work properly Synonym : freeze

2. to suddenly be unable to speak or act normally:
I wouldn’t know what to say. I’d just freeze up.

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II. freeze2 noun
[Word Family: noun: freeze, freezer, freezing, antifreeze; adjective: freezing, frozen; verb: freeze; adverb: freezing]

1. [countable] a time when people are not allowed to increase prices or pay
a price/pay/wage freeze
freeze on
a freeze on pay rises

2. [countable] the stopping of some activity or process
freeze on
The government have imposed a freeze on civil service appointments.

3. [singular] British English a period of extremely cold weather

4. [countable usually singular] American English a short period of time, especially at night, when the temperature is extremely low
deep freeze

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I. period of weather with a temperature below 0°
ADJ. big The weather report advised us to prepare for a big freeze.

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II. putting a particular level on sth
ADJ. immediate | complete, total a total freeze on gas emissions
virtual | pay, price, wage
VERB + FREEZE bring in, impose The government has imposed a price freeze on petrol.
announce, declare | lift It's too expensive to lift the freeze on pay.
PREP. ~ on a freeze on bus fares

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I. become ice/extremely cold
ADV. solid The pond had frozen solid.
over, up The lake has frozen over. The pipes have frozen up.
PHRASES freeze to death Hundreds of homeless people could freeze to death this winter.

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II. preserve food
ADV. well Many vegetables freeze very well.

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III. stop moving
ADV. suddenly | for a moment/second, momentarily His smile froze for a moment.
VERB + FREEZE seem to Suddenly, Ronny seemed to freeze.
PREP. in/with She froze with horror when she saw the body.
into Maggie's face had frozen into a cold mask.
PHRASES freeze to the spot He was so surprised he froze to the spot.

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IV. wages/prices
ADV. effectively Wages were effectively frozen for six months.
PREP. at Prices have been frozen at this level for over a year now.

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See: blood runs cold or blood freezes

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