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frozen /ˈfrəʊzən $ ˈfroʊ-/
frozen adjective

Irregular Forms: ⇒ {freeze}

برخورد یک گوی با گوی دیگر یا لبه میز (بیلیارد) ، منجمد یا یخ زده ، سرمازده ، غیر قابل پرداخت تاانقضا مدت ، بی حرکت ، محکم ، بدون ترقی ، ورزش: برخورد یک گوی با گوی دیگر یا لبه میز
مهندسی صنایع: تولید: منجمد

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Synonyms: icy, arctic, chilled, frigid, frosted, icebound, ice-cold, ice-covered, numb
English Thesaurus: cold, cool, freezing (cold), shivery, chilly, ...

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I. frozen1 /ˈfrəʊzən $ ˈfroʊ-/
the past participle of freeze1

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II. frozen2 adjective
[Word Family: noun: freeze, freezer, freezing, antifreeze; adjective: freezing, frozen; verb: freeze; adverb: freezing]

1. FOOD frozen food has been stored at a very low temperature in order to preserve it ⇒ freeze:
You can use fresh or frozen fish.
frozen peas

2. be frozen (stiff) spoken to feel very cold:
You must be frozen! Come and sit by the fire.

3. EARTH earth that is frozen is so cold it has become very hard:
The ground is frozen for most of the year.
the frozen wastes of Siberia

4. AREA OF WATER a river, lake etc that is frozen has a layer of ice on the surface

5. be frozen with fear/terror/fright to be so afraid, shocked etc that you cannot move

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