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freshen /ˈfreʃən/ verb

تازه کردن ، خنک کردن ، نیرو دادن
Synonyms: refresh, enliven, freshen up, liven up, restore, revitalize

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freshen /ˈfreʃən/ verb
[Word Family: noun: freshness, refreshment, refreshments, refresher; adverb: freshly, freshingly, refreshingly; adjective: fresh, refreshing, refreshed; verb: freshen, refresh]

1. (also freshen up) [transitive] to make something look or feel clean, new, attractive, cool etc Synonym : brighten (up):
I’m going to buy some white paint to freshen up the bathroom walls.

2. [intransitive] if the wind freshens, it gets colder and stronger

3. (also freshen up) [transitive] to add more liquid to a drink:
The waitress freshened our coffee.
freshen up phrasal verb
to wash your hands and face in order to feel clean and comfortable
freshen yourself up
Fiona’s gone to freshen herself up.

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