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fright /fraɪt/ noun

هول (ترس ناگهانی) ، ترس ناگهانی ، هراس ، وحشت ، ترساندن ، رم دادن ، روانشناسی: هول ، علوم نظامی: وحشت
Synonyms: fear, alarm, consternation, dread, horror, panic, scare, shock, trepidation
English Thesaurus: fear, terror, fright, panic, alarm, ...

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fright /fraɪt/ noun
[Word Family: adjective: frightened, frightening, frightful; noun: fright, frighteners; adverb: frighteningly, frightfully; verb: frighten]
[Language: Old English; Origin: fyrhto]

1. [singular, uncountable] a sudden feeling of fear:
You gave me such a fright creeping up on me like that!
get/have a fright
I got an awful fright when I realised how much money I owed.
with fright
He was shaking with fright.
in fright
Several of the children cried out in fright.

2. take fright to be very afraid of something, especially so that you run away from it or do not do something that you were going to do:
The bird took fright and flew away.
She had promised to marry him, but took fright at the last moment.

3. look a fright old-fashioned to look untidy or unattractive
stage fright

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I. fear
VERB + FRIGHT take | be shaking/trembling with | die of (informal) He almost died of fright when the fish jumped out of the water.
PREP. in ~ She cried out in fright.
with ~ They were paralysed with fright.
~ at The birds took fright at the sight of the cat and flew off.

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II. sudden feeling of fear
ADJ. awful, bad, dreadful, nasty, terrible
VERB + FRIGHT get, have Emma got such a fright that she dropped the tray. I had a terrible fright this morning when I saw you there.
give sb
PHRASES a bit of a fright, the fright of your life You gave me the fright of my life, jumping out like that!
quite a fright

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