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generalize (also generalise) /ˈdʒenərəlaɪz/ verb

بطور عام گفتن ، عمومیت دادن (به) ، عمومی کردن ، تعمیم دادن ، کلیت بخشیدن ، قانون ـ فقه: تحت قانون کلی دراوردن
generalize (also generalise British English) /ˈdʒenərəlaɪz/ verb
[Word Family: noun: generalization, general, generalist, generality; adjective: general, generalist, generalized; verb: generalize; adverb: generally]

1. [intransitive] to form a general principle or opinion after considering only a small number of facts or examples
generalize from
She has a tendency to generalize from her husband to all men.

2. [intransitive] to make a general statement about the whole of a group or thing
generalize about
It is difficult to generalise about the kind of people who come on these courses.

3. [transitive] formal to say that an idea, result etc is related to a larger group:
Can we generalise this principle?
generalize something to something
Can the research findings be generalized to a wider population?

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VERB + GENERALIZE can/could | be easy to, be possible to | be difficult to, be hard to, be impossible to | be dangerous to, be unsafe to, be unwise to
PREP. about It is impossible to generalize about such a complicated subject.
from We cannot generalize from these few examples.

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