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generally /ˈdʒenərəli/ adverb

بطور کلی ، عموما ، معمولا
- usually, as a rule, by and large, customarily, normally, on the whole, ordinarily, typically
- commonly, extensively, popularly, publicly, universally, widely
Contrasted words: altogether, totally, wholly
Related Words: about, approximately, practically, roughly, roundly
English Thesaurus: in general, generally, generally speaking/as a rule, mostly/mainly/largely, for the most part, ...

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generally S2 W1 /ˈdʒenərəli/ adverb
[Word Family: noun: generalization, general, generalist, generality; adjective: general, generalist, generalized; verb: generalize; adverb: generally]

1. considering or relating to the whole of a thing or group, rather than to details or specific cases or parts Synonym : broadly:
It was generally a positive conversation.
She’s not really ill, just generally run-down.
[sentence adverb]
Generally, part-timers work in low-status, low-wage occupations.
The second survey was concerned with working-class culture more generally.

2. by or to most people Synonym : widely
generally regarded/accepted/known etc
The plants are generally regarded as weeds.
a generally accepted view
It could be five years before the drug is generally available.

3. usually or most of the time Synonym : usually:
I generally get in to work by 8.00.

4. generally speaking used to introduce a statement that is true in most cases but not always:
Generally speaking, the more expensive the stereo, the better it is.

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