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green /ɡriːn/ adjective

خرم ، ترو تازه ، نارس ، بی تجربه ، رنگ سبز ، (در جمع) سبزیجات ، سبز شدن ، سبز کردن ، سبزه ، چمن ، معتدل ، ورزش: چمن صاف و نرم و کوتاه اطراف سوراخ اسبی که هنوز در مسابقه ازموده نشده میدان تیراندازی صحرایی
کامپیوتر: سبز

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- leafy, grassy, verdant
- ecological, conservationist, environment-friendly, non-polluting, ozone-friendly
- immature, gullible, inexperienced, naive, new, raw, untrained, wet behind the ears (informal)
- jealous, covetous, envious, grudging, resentful
- lawn, common, sward, turf
Antonyms: experienced
Contrasted words: grown-up, ripe, mature, matured, educated, instructed, trained, proficient, skilled, skillful
English Thesaurus: environmentally friendly, eco-friendly, green, clean, renewable, ...

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I. green1 S1 W2 /ɡriːn/ adjective
[Word Family: noun: green, greenery, greens, the greening; adjective: green, greenish; verb: green]
[Language: Old English; Origin: grene]

1. COLOUR having the colour of grass or leaves:
beautiful green eyes
Raw coffee beans are green in colour.
dark/light/pale/bright green
a dark green dressbottle green, lime green, pea green, ⇒ olive green at olive(3)

2. GRASSY covered with grass, trees, bushes etc:
green fields

3. FRUIT/PLANT not yet ready to be eaten, or very young:
The bananas are still green.
tiny green shoots of new grass

a) (also Green) [only before noun] connected with the environment or its protection:
green issues such as the greenhouse effect and global warming
He was an early champion of green politics.
b) harming the environment as little as possible:
We need to develop greener cleaning products.
The industry has promised to go green (=change so that it harms the environment less).

5. WITHOUT EXPERIENCE informal young and lacking experience Synonym : naive:
I was pretty green then; I had a lot of things to learn.

6. ILL informal looking pale and unhealthy because you are ill:
George looked a bit green the next morning.
look green about/around the gills (=look pale and ill)

7. green with envy wishing very much that you had something that someone else has

8. the green-eyed monster literary jealousy – often used humorously

9. have green fingers British English, have a green thumb American English to be good at making plants grow

10. the green stuff American English informal money
—greenness noun [uncountable]

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II. green2 S2 W3 noun
[Word Family: noun: green, greenery, greens, the greening; adjective: green, greenish; verb: green]

1. [uncountable and countable] the colour of grass and leaves:
a room decorated in pale blues and greens
different shades of green

2. greens [plural] informal vegetables with large green leaves:
Eat your greens.

3. [countable] a level area of grass, especially in the middle of a village:
I walked home across the green.village green

4. [countable] a smooth flat area of grass around each hole on a golf course:
the 18th green

5. Green [countable] someone who belongs to or supports a political party which thinks the protection of the environment is very important:
The Greens have 254 candidates in the election.

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III. green3 verb [transitive]
[Word Family: noun: green, greenery, greens, the greening; adjective: green, greenish; verb: green]

1. to fill an area with growing plants in order to make it more attractive:
Existing derelict land is needed for greening the cities.

2. to make a person or organization realize the importance of environmental problems

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to be inexperienced or immature
The new employee is green and does not know his job very well.

The young man is rather green and does not have enough experience to drive the large piece of machinery.

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