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outgrowth /ˈaʊtɡrəʊθ $ -ɡroʊθ/ noun [countable]

فرع ، نتیجه ، حاصل ، گوشت زیادی
Synonyms: excrescence, excrescency, process, processus, by-product, derivative, descendant, offshoot, spin-off
Contrasted words: origin, root, source, antecedent, cause, determinant
Related Words: enlargement, prolongation, swelling, offshoot, shoot, branch, member, child, offspring, product, aftereffect, consequence, effect, issue, outcome, result

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outgrowth /ˈaʊtɡrəʊθ $ -ɡroʊθ/ noun [countable]
[Word Family: noun: grower, growth, undergrowth, outgrowth, overgrowth; adjective: growing, grown, overgrown; verb: grow, outgrow]

1. something that develops from something else, as a natural result of it
outgrowth of
Crime is often an outgrowth of poverty.

2. technical something that grows out of something else

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