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hearty /ˈhɑːti $ ˈhɑːrti/ adjective

قلبی ، صمیمانه ، دلچسب ، مقوی
- friendly, back-slapping, ebullient, effusive, enthusiastic, genial, jovial, warm
- substantial, ample, filling, nourishing, sizable or sizeable, solid, square
Antonyms: hollow
Contrasted words: cold, dispassionate, emotionless
Related Words: responsive, warm, warmhearted, deep, profound, exuberant, profuse

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hearty /ˈhɑːti $ ˈhɑːrti/ adjective
[Word Family: adjective: heartened ≠ disheartened, hearteningdisheartening, heartless, hearty; noun: heart, heartlessness, heartiness; adverb: heartily, heartlessly, hearteninglydishearteningly; verb: heartendishearten]

1. happy and friendly and usually loud:
a hearty laugh

2. old-fashioned strong and healthy ⇒ hale and hearty at hale

3. a hearty meal is very large

4. especially British English with a friendly, noisy, and happy manner that is not sincere
—heartiness noun [uncountable]

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See: hale and hearty

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