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heat /hiːt/ noun

حرارت دادن ، گرم شدن داغ شدن ، ذوب ، شارژ ، گرما ، گرمی ، حرارت ، تندی ، خشم ، عصبانیت ، اشتیاق ، وهله ، نوبت ، تحریک جنسی زنان ، طلب شدن جانور ، فحلیت ، گرم کردن ، برانگیختن ، بهیجان امدن ، علوم مهندسی: بار ، معماری: حرارت ، شیمی: گرما ، روانشناسی: دوره فحل ، زیست شناسی: گرما ، ورزش: مسابقه مقدماتی ، علوم هوایی: گرما
- warm up, make hot, reheat
- hotness, high temperature, warmth
- intensity, excitement, fervour, fury, passion, vehemence
English Thesaurus: competition, contest, championship, tournament, quiz, ...

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I. heat1 S2 W2 /hiːt/ noun
[Word Family: noun: heat, heater, heating; verb: heat, overheat; adverb: heatedly; adjective: heatedUNHEATED]
[Language: Old English; Origin: hætu]

1. WARMTH [uncountable] warmth or the quality of being hot:
Ice needs heat to melt.
Insulating the attic is a good way to reduce heat loss.

2. the heat very hot weather or a high temperature:
The heat was making them tired.
Angela liked to rest during the heat of the day (=the hottest part of the day).
Firefighters were beaten back by the intense heat.

3. IN COOKING [countable usually singular, uncountable] the level of temperature used when cooking or heating something
(a) low/medium/high heat
Cook the chicken portions over a high heat.
turn off/down/up the heat
When the milk comes to the boil, turn off the heat.
Now reduce the heat and cover the pan.

4. STRONG FEELINGS [uncountable] strong feelings, especially anger or excitement:
Reconciliation services can take the heat out of (=reduce the anger in) the dispute.
in the heat of something
Quick decisions had to be made in the heat of the negotiations.
In the heat of the moment (=when feelings were very strong) Nick threatened to resign.

5. PRESSURE [uncountable] strong pressure on someone:
The heat is on (=there is a lot of pressure) as schools struggle to finish their entries by the deadline.
The team turned up the heat (=used more effort against their opponents) in the last few minutes to score two more goals.
There was a lot of heat, and it affected our relationship.

6. SYSTEM TO HEAT BUILDING [uncountable] American English the system in a house or other building that keeps it warm in the winter, or the warmth from this system Synonym : heating British English:
Can you turn up the heat?

7. IN A RACE [countable] a part of a race or competition whose winners then compete against each other in the next part:
Bill finished second in his heat.

8. on heat British English, in heat American English if a female animal is on heat, her body is ready to have sex with a male
dead heat, white heat, ⇒ if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen at stand1(16)

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II. heat2 S3 verb [transitive]
[Word Family: noun: heat, heater, heating; verb: heat, overheat; adverb: heatedly; adjective: heatedUNHEATED]
to make something become warm or hot Synonym : warm up:
Heat the milk until it boils.
heat something through phrasal verb
to heat food thoroughly
heat up phrasal verb

1. to become warm or hot, or to make something become warm or hot:
The stove takes a while to heat up.
heat something ↔ up
I heated up the remains of last night’s supper.

2. if a situation heats up, it becomes dangerous or full of problems

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I. being hot/level of temperature
ADJ. burning, fierce, great, intense, searing, terrible, tremendous The soil is baked dry by the fierce heat of the sun.
gentle | excess, excessive If circulation is impaired, the body cannot lose excess heat.
red, white (often figurative) Everything he did was at white heat and lightning speed.
blood, body
VERB + HEAT feel We could feel the tremendous heat coming from the fire.
disperse, dissipate, give out, lose Even after the sun had set, the stones continued to give out heat.
conserve, retain The thick walls retain the heat.
absorb Darker surfaces absorb heat.
conduct Being a metal, aluminium readily conducts heat.
generate, produce, provide, radiate Computers, faxes and photocopiers all generate heat of their own.
withstand a material which can withstand heats of up to 2,000°C
HEAT + VERB build up, increase He tried to ignore the heat building up in the confined space.
HEAT + NOUN loss | exhaustion, stress, stroke (also heatstroke) She slumped to the ground, near to heat exhaustion.
PREP. ~ from the heat from the fire

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II. hot weather/conditions
ADJ. baking, blazing, blinding, blistering, boiling, extreme, great, intense, oppressive, scorching, searing, shimmering, stifling, suffocating, sweltering We walked more than ten miles in the blistering heat.
dry | humid, steamy, sultry the steamy heat of New York in summer
80-degree, 90-degree, etc. | afternoon, midday, morning | summer | desert, tropical
HEAT + VERB grow Daily the heat grew.
HEAT + NOUN haze A heat haze shimmered above the fields.
PREP. in the ~ I can't work in this heat.
PHRASES the heat of the day To avoid the heat of the day we went out in the mornings.

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III. source of heat
ADJ. high | gentle, low | medium, moderate | direct Chocolate should never be melted over direct heat.
VERB + HEAT turn up Towards the end of the cooking, turn up the heat to brown the outside.
lower, reduce, turn down | remove sth from, take sth off Bring to the boil slowly, then remove from the heat.
return sth to Return the pan to the heat and stir.
PREP. off the ~ Make sure the pan is off the heat.
on a ~ Cook on a low heat for five minutes.
over a ~ Simmer the sauce over a gentle heat.

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IV. strong feelings
ADJ. sudden He stared at her, sudden heat in his eyes.
HEAT + VERB flare, flood sth, rise Heat flooded her cheeks.
PREP. in the ~ of in the heat of battle/passion
with ~ ‘It was your hare-brained idea,’ Henry said with heat.
without ~ She spoke without heat.
PHRASES in the heat of the moment Michael bitterly regretted those angry words, spoken in the heat of the moment.

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V. race/competition
ADJ. qualifying, regional | dead Competition was fierce, with a dead heat in one of the races (= with two competitors finishing in exactly the same time).
VERB + HEAT win She won her heat.
PREP. in a/the ~ He fell in the first heat.

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ADV. gently Heat the sauce gently for a few minutes.
through, up Allow the food enough time to heat through. They heat up the food in a microwave oven.

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the intense/extreme heat
She was in need of a cooling drink in the intense heat.
the searing/stifling/sweltering/scorching etc heat (=extreme heat)
The desert is a place of scorching heat by day and bitter cold by night.
dry heat
The earth had cracked in the endless dry heat.
humid heat (=when the weather is hot and damp)
the humid heat of a tropical forest
tropical heat (=the warm, damp weather in the hottest parts of the world)
He stepped off the plane into the tropical heat.
the midday heat
The air shimmered in the midday heat.
the summer heat
He went indoors to escape the summer heat.
80/90 etc degree heat
Why would you want to play tennis in a hundred-degree heat?
the heat of the day
The locals retreat to their cool houses and sleep during the heat of the day.

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