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heating /ˈhiːtɪŋ/ noun [uncountable]

علوم مهندسی: گرمایش ، معماری: گرمسازی ، شیمی: گرمایش
heating S3 /ˈhiːtɪŋ/ noun [uncountable]
[Word Family: noun: heat, heater, heating; verb: heat, overheat; adverb: heatedly; adjective: heatedUNHEATED]
especially British English a system for making a room or building warm Synonym : heat American English
central heating

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ADJ. electric, gas-fired, solar | central, domestic, home, underfloor | water
VERB + HEATING have The flat has gas-fired central heating.
have on, keep on, leave on, run, use We haven't had the heating on this evening.
put on, switch on, turn on They are afraid to put the heating on because it's so expensive.
switch off, turn off They have their heating turned off during the morning.
turn down/up | fit, install, put in We're having central heating installed.
HEATING + VERB be (full) on, be on high/low The heating was on but the window was open. The heating's on low.
be off | come on | go off Our heating goes off at eleven o'clock and comes on again at seven.
work The heating doesn't work.
break down The house was very cold because the heating had broken down.
HEATING + NOUN bill | system What sort of heating system has your new flat got?

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have heating
The house didn't have any heating when we moved in.
have the heating on (=use the heating)
It's getting colder, but we haven't had the heating on yet.
leave the heating on (=continue to use the heating)
I don't like to leave the heating on at night.
put/switch/turn the heating on
Why don't you put the heating on if you're cold?
switch/turn the heating off
We turn the heating off before bed.
turn the heating down/up
Can you turn the heating down a bit?
the heating comes on
The heating comes on at six.
the heating goes off
The heating goes off automatically when the room is warm enough.
solar heating (=heating powered by the sun)
They've installed solar heating in the new house.
underfloor heating
Underfloor heating is popular in bathrooms.
a heating system
The gas leak was caused by a faulty heating system.

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