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helpful /ˈhelpfəl/ adjective

مفید ، کمک کننده
- useful, advantageous, beneficial, constructive, practical, profitable, timely
- cooperative, accommodating, considerate, friendly, kind, neighbourly, supportive, sympathetic
Antonyms: unhelpful
Contrasted words: timeserving, uncooperative, unreliable, impractical, ineffectual
Related Words: beneficial, effective, profitable, salutary, usable, constructive, practical, useful
English Thesaurus: useful, handy, helpful, of use, worthwhile, ...

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helpful S2 W3 /ˈhelpfəl/ adjective
[Word Family: noun: help, helper, helpfulnessunhelpfulness, helping, helplessness; adverb: helpfullyunhelpfully, helplessly; adjective: helpfulunhelpful, helpless; verb: help]

1. providing useful help in making a situation better or easier:
Thank you for your advice; it’s been very helpful.
it is helpful (for somebody) to do something
It is helpful to discuss your problems with your friends.
It is helpful for family members to gain a basic understanding of the illness.
It is helpful if we address a few key questions here.
helpful in doing something
We hope this leaflet has been helpful in answering your questions.
helpful advice/hints/suggestions etc
Our sales staff are there to give you helpful advice.

2. always willing to help people:
She’s a helpful child.
I’m only trying to be helpful.
—helpfully adverb
—helpfulness noun [uncountable]

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VERBS be, prove | consider sth, find sb/sth
ADV. enormously, especially, extremely, immensely, most, particularly, really, unusually, very Thank you, you have been most helpful.
not at all, not particularly Demanding peace short of victory would not be at all helpful.
fairly, quite | immediately indulging in ambitious, but not immediately helpful plans
generally, usually | always, invariably
PREP. for This information would be extremely helpful for teenagers.
in Graphs are helpful in presenting the information.
on He was quite helpful on how to do the accounts.
to The lifts will be helpful to the older patients.
PHRASES friendly and helpful I found all the staff friendly and helpful.

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