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ice /aɪs/ noun

سطح یخ ، منجمد کردن ، یخ بستن ، منجمد شدن ، شکر پوش کردن ، یخ ، خونسردی و بی اعتنایی ، معماری: یخ ، ورزش: امتیاز سرنوشت ساز
I. ice1 S2 W3 /aɪs/ noun
[Word Family: verb: ice, de-ice; noun: ice, icicle; adjective: icy, iced; adverb: icily]
[Language: Old English; Origin: is]

1. [uncountable] water that has frozen into a solid state ⇒ icy:
Would you like some ice in your drink?
Her hands were as cold as ice.
The city spent $7 million to remove snow and ice from the roads.

2. keep/put something on ice to do nothing about a plan or suggestion for a period of time:
I’m putting my plans for a new car on ice until I finish college.

3. be (skating) on thin ice to be in a situation in which you are likely to upset someone or cause trouble:
Don’t be late again, Hugo – you’re skating on thin ice.

4. the ice a specially prepared surface of ice where you can ice skate or play ice hockey:
The two teams are ready to take to the ice.

5. [countable]
a) a frozen sweet food made with fruit juice Synonym : sorbet
b) especially British English old-fashioned an ice cream

6. [uncountable] American English diamonds
black ice, dry ice, ⇒ break the ice at break1(29), ⇒ cut no ice at cut1(39)

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II. ice2 verb [transitive] especially British English
[Word Family: verb: ice, de-ice; noun: ice, icicle; adjective: icy, iced; adverb: icily]
to cover a cake with icing (=a mixture made of liquid and very fine sugar) Synonym : frost American Englishicing
ice something ↔ down phrasal verb American English
to cover an injured part of the body in ice to stop it from swelling:
Make sure you ice that ankle down as soon as you get inside.
ice over/up (also be iced over/up) phrasal verb
to become covered with ice ⇒ icy:
Schools were closed when the roads iced over.
The plane’s engines had iced up.

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ADJ. thick Is the ice thick enough to walk on?
thin | black Motorists have been warned about black ice on the roads.
QUANT. block, slab The spray froze and formed great blocks of ice on the front of the ship.
VERB + ICE form
ICE + VERB form Ice had formed on the pond.
crack, melt The ice was beginning to melt.
PREP. on the ~ skating on the ice

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Thick ice was preventing the ship from moving.
The ice is too thin to skate on.
black ice (=a layer of thin ice on a road that is very difficult to see)
Black ice on the roads is making driving conditions very dangerous.
crushed ice (=broken into small pieces, for example to add to a drink)
Serve the cocktail with crushed ice.
polar ice
Global warming directly causes the melting of polar ice.
be covered in ice
Our driveway was covered in ice.
ice melts
The ice in my glass had begun to melt.
ice forms
Ice was forming on the surface of the lake.
ice cracks
We could feel the ice cracking beneath our feet.
scrape the ice off something
I scraped the ice off the car windscreen.
an ice cube (=a small square piece of ice that you add to a drink)
She put a couple of ice cubes in her glass.
a lump of ice (=a large piece of ice)
Huge lumps of ice break off from the glaciers and float in the sea.
ice crystals (=very small pieces of ice that form naturally)
Ice crystals fall from the sky as snowflakes.
a block of ice
The fish were packed in blocks of ice, ready for transportation.
a sheet of ice
A thin sheet of ice had formed over the surface of the pond.
a slab of ice (=a thick flat piece of ice)
Huge slabs of ice drifted down the frozen river.

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