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infrequently /ɪnˈfriːkwəntli/ adverb

کم ، کمتر ، ندره ، بندرت ، گاه گاهی
Synonyms: seldom, hardly ever, little, rarely, unfrequently, unoften, occasionally, irregularly, on occasion, sporadically, uncommonly
Antonyms: frequently

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infrequently /ɪnˈfriːkwəntli/ adverb
[Word Family: verb: frequent; noun: frequencyinfrequency; adverb: frequentlyinfrequently; adjective: frequentinfrequent]

1. not often Synonym : rarely Antonym : frequently:
Jeremy does play cricket, but very infrequently.

2. not infrequently formal fairly often:
The censors changed some names and dialogue and, not infrequently, banned controversial films.

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