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injured /ˈɪndʒəd $ -ərd/ adjective

مجروح ، قانون ـ فقه: مصدوم
پزشکی: آزرده

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Synonyms: hurt, broken, damaged, disabled, undermined, weakened, wounded

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injured AC /ˈɪndʒəd $ -ərd/ adjective
[Word Family: noun: injury, the injured; adjective: injuredUNINJURED, injurious; verb: injure]

1. having a wound or damage to part of your body ⇒ wounded:
an injured bird
Chelsea have three injured players.
Grandpa was badly injured in the war.
The car accident left him seriously injured.

2. the injured the people who have been hurt ⇒ the wounded:
Many of the injured are still in a serious condition.

3. injured look/expression etc a look that shows you feel you have been treated unfairly

4. injured pride/feelings etc a feeling of being upset or offended because you think you have been unfairly treated

5. the injured party formal the person who has been unfairly treated in a particular situation

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VERBS be, lie He could have been lying injured on the moors after a fall from his horse.
ADV. badly, critically, gravely, seriously, severely her badly injured ankle Several people were seriously injured.
slightly a slightly injured arm

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