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injury /ˈɪndʒəri/ noun (plural injuries)

زخم ، اذیت ، تخطی تجاوز ، خسارت ، جراحت ، اسیب ، صدمه ، قانون ـ فقه: جرح ، لطمه ، روانشناسی: اسیب ، بازرگانی: صدمه ، ورزش: جراحت ، علوم نظامی: اسیب خسارت
پزشکی: آسیب

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Synonyms: harm, damage, detriment, disservice, hurt, ill, trauma (Pathology), wound, wrong
Related Words: agony, discomfiture, distress, misery, suffering, pain, pang, detriment, disservice, loss, bad, evil, ill
English Thesaurus: break, smash, snap, split, fracture, ...

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injury S3 W2 AC /ˈɪndʒəri/ noun (plural injuries)
[Word Family: noun: injury, the injured; adjective: injuredUNINJURED, injurious; verb: injure]
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Latin; Origin: injuria, from jus 'right, law']

1. [uncountable and countable] a wound or damage to part of your body caused by an accident or attack:
She was taken to hospital with serious head injuries.
injury to
The driver of the truck suffered injuries to his legs and arms.
Beckham has missed several games through injury (=because of injury).
He’s a lawyer who specializes in personal injury claims.

2. [uncountable] law damage to someone’s reputation, career, or feelings
injury to
He says that the allegations caused serious injury to his reputation.
add insult to injury at add(8)

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ADJ. appalling, bad, horrendous, major, nasty, serious, severe, terrible | crippling | fatal | multiple | extensive | minor, slight, superficial | old | nagging, niggling, recurring | long-term | permanent Researchers have determined that heading a football can cause permanent injury.
accidental | internal | visible | facial, head, knee, leg, spinal, etc. | sports | industrial | bodily, emotional, personal (all law)
QUANT. run, series, spate He missed most of the season with a spate of injuries.
VERB + INJURY do yourself, incur, pick up, receive, suffer You'll do yourself an injury riding that old bike. She picked up an injury during the quarter-final.
risk The doctor said he would risk serious injury if he were to fall again.
cause (sb/sth), inflict The car turned right over, causing severe injury to the driver. Please help me before our dogs inflict serious injury on each other!
carry, have, nurse, suffer from She has replaced him in the team while he nurses a shoulder injury.
be prone to | feign He was accused of feigning injury.
aggravate He aggravated a neck injury while playing for Derby County.
die from/of The inquest heard that he died from multiple injuries.
avoid, escape Stretching exercises can help avoid injury.
Fortunately, the passengers escaped serious injury.
overcome, shake off She has failed to shake off her stomach injury.
recover from | deal with, treat, be treated for Finger injuries should be dealt with immediately. He is still being treated for injuries to his legs.
go off with He went off (= off the playing field) with an injury in the second half.
be out with She is out (= out of the competition/team) for six weeks with a hamstring injury.
pull out because of/due to/with He pulled out with (= decided not to compete because of) an injury at the last moment.
be back after/from, come back from, return after/from She should be back from injury.
have sb back after India had wicketkeeper More back after injury.
INJURY + VERB happen (to sb), occur This type of injury could happen to any player at any time. | result from sth injuries resulting from exposure to harmful substances
heal | dog sb/sth, hamper sb/sth, trouble sb Her athletics career has been dogged by injury.
sideline sb Both defenders have been sidelined by injury.
force sb to The knee injury forced him to give up playing at the age of 23.
arise from/out of (law) personal injuries arising from negligence
INJURY + NOUN problems The team has a lot of injury problems.
time They scored two goals in injury time (= time added at the end of a game because the game has been interrupted by injured players needing treatment).
PREP. because of ~ She's unable to play because of injury.
through ~ He has pulled out of the match through injury.
with ~ She slumped to the floor with injuries to her back and neck.
without ~ a step-by-step guide to lifting without injury
~ from injuries from the fire
~ to
PHRASES add insult to injury It adds insult to injury (= it make things worse) that banks are allowed to increase their charges without our knowledge or consent. | a claim for injury (law) a claim for personal injury
a risk of injury There is a real risk of injury in sports such as climbing.

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The injury wasn’t serious.
terrible (=very bad)
Some of the victims suffered terrible injuries.
fatal (=that kills someone)
Fortunately, his injuries weren’t fatal.
A man was treated in hospital for minor injuries.
The brain can be affected by permanent injury after a serious accident.
a nasty injury (=quite bad)
Fairground rides can cause some nasty injuries.
a head/leg/shoulder etc injury
He suffered a shoulder injury while playing rugby.
a spinal injury (=an injury to the spine)
The injured boy is being treated for a spinal injury.
a facial injury (=an injury to the face)
I was offered treatment for my facial injuries.
a sports injury (=one you get while doing sport)
She has vast knowledge of treating sports injuries.
an industrial injury (=one that happens at work)
He was the victim of an industrial injury.
internal injuries (=injuries inside your body)
He was coughing blood, a sign that he had internal injuries.
multiple injuries (=large number of injuries at the same time)
She had multiple injuries and a fractured skull.
have an injury
Tom was OK, and had just a few minor injuries.
suffer an injury
He suffered a serious leg injury in a motorcycle accident.
get an injury informal (=suffer an injury)
He couldn’t take the chance of getting an injury.
sustain/receive an injury formal (=suffer an injury)
She sustained an injury to her hip.
treat an injury
The injury was treated at the local hospital.
recover from an injury
It took her six months to recover from the injury.
escape/avoid injury
Two workmen narrowly escaped injury when a wall collapsed.
cause an injury
The injury was caused by flying glass from the car windscreen.
inflict an injury on somebody formal (=make someone have an injury)
Jenkins was accused of inflicting a head injury on one of his former colleagues.
do yourself an injury British English informal (=accidentally hurt yourself)
Be careful with that knife or you’ll do yourself an injury.
an injury happens/occurs
The injury occurred five minutes into the game.
be prone to injury (=often get injuries)
She was rather prone to injury and often missed matches as a result.
injury problems BrE:
He suffered injury problems throughout his career as a footballer.

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See: add insult to injury

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· In U.S. law, a finding by the International Trade Commission that imports are causing, or are likely to cause, harm to a U.S. industry. An injury determination is the basis for a Section 201 case. It is also a requirement in all antidumping and most countervailing duty cases, in conjunction with Commerce Department determinations on dumping and subsidization.

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· In U.S. law, a finding by the U.S. International Trade Commission that imports are causing harm to a U.S. industry. An injury determination is the basis for Section 201 case. It is also a requirement in all antidumping (AD) and most countervailing duty (CVD) cases. In conjunction with Commerce Department, determinations on dumping and subsidization, the ITC determines whether there is serious injury to U.S. industry in a 201 case, while in AD/ CVD cases it investigates whether there is material injury.

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