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invite /ɪnˈvaɪt/ verb [transitive]
invite /ˈɪnvaɪt/ noun [countable]

دعوت کردن ، طلبیدن ، خواندن ، وعده گرفتن ، مهمان کردن ، وعده دادن ، بازرگانی: دعوت کردن
مهندسی صنایع: فروش/خرید/تدارکات: دعوت کردن ، وعده دادن

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- request, ask, beg, bid, summon
- encourage, ask for (informal), attract, court, entice, provoke, tempt, welcome
Related Words: call, call in, summon, court, solicit, woo, entice, inveigle, lure, tempt

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I. invite1 S2 W2 /ɪnˈvaɪt/ verb [transitive]
[Word Family: noun: invitation, invite; adjective: uninvited, invitinguninviting; verb: invite; adverb: invitingly]
[Date: 1500-1600; Language: French; Origin: inviter, from Latin invitare]

1. to ask someone to come to a party, wedding, meal etc
invite somebody to something
Who should we invite to the party?
invite somebody to do something
Gail invited me to stay with her while her husband was out of town.
invite somebody for something
Why don’t you invite her for a drink at the club one evening?
I’m afraid I wasn’t invited.

2. to politely ask someone to do something
invite somebody to do something
Anyone interested in contributing articles is invited to contact the editor.

3. to encourage something bad to happen, especially without intending to:
Any government that sells arms to dictators is inviting trouble.
invite somebody along phrasal verb
to ask someone if they would like to come with you when you are going somewhere:
Why don’t you invite Barbara along?
invite somebody back phrasal verb

1. to ask someone to come to your home, hotel etc after you have been out somewhere together
invite somebody back for
Richard often used to invite me back for coffee after the show.

2. to ask someone to come to your home, your office etc again:
If you keep arguing with Gerry, they won’t invite us back.
invite somebody in phrasal verb
to ask someone to come into your home:
After a few seconds, the door opened and Mrs Barnes invited me in.
invite somebody out phrasal verb
to ask someone to go somewhere with you, especially to a restaurant or film
invite somebody out for
We invited Clarissa out for ice cream.
invite somebody over (also invite somebody round British English) phrasal verb
to ask someone to come to your home, usually for a drink or a meal
invite somebody over for
Max has invited me over for dinner.

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II. invite2 /ˈɪnvaɪt/ noun [countable] informal
[Word Family: noun: invitation, invite; adjective: uninvited, invitinguninviting; verb: invite; adverb: invitingly]
an invitation to a party, meal etc

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I. ask sb to do sth
ADV. formally, officially | cordially, kindly, warmly You are cordially invited to attend the annual parish meeting. She very kindly invited me to lunch.
personally | along, around/round/over, back, in, out They've invited us over for a drink.
PREP. into As a child I was allowed to play in the garden at the Manor, but I never got invited into the house.
for Let's invite them all for dinner.
to Thank you for inviting me to the meeting.

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II. encourage sth
ADV. positively The hype and fervour surrounding the event positively invited scepticism.
VERB + INVITE seem to The film seems to invite comparison with ‘The Italian Job’.

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BAD: We became friends and he invited me for his wedding.
GOOD: We became friends and he invited me to his wedding.
BAD: I've been invited in a party on Friday.
GOOD: I've been invited to a party on Friday.

Usage Note:
invite sb for a drink, meal, etc: 'She's invited us for a meal at the club.'
invite sb to dinner/lunch, a party, wedding, meeting etc: 'We don't have to invite them to dinner.' 'The President has been invited to an official reception at Buckingham Palace.'

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