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kind /kaɪnd/ noun
kind adjective (comparative kinder, superlative kindest)

گونه ، نوع ، قسم ، جور ، جنس ، گروه ، دسته ، کیفیت ، جنسی ، (درمقابل پولی) ، غیرنقدی ، مهربان ، مهربانی شفقت امیز ، بامحبت ، قانون ـ فقه: قسم
Synonyms: considerate, benign, charitable, compassionate, courteous, friendly, generous, humane, kindly, obliging, philanthropic, tender-hearted
Synonyms: class, brand, breed, family, set, sort, species, variety
Antonyms: unkind
Contrasted words: cruel, fell, fierce, inhuman, savage, hard, harsh, rough, grim, implacable, merciless, unrelenting
Related Words: altruistic, benevolent, charitable, eleemosynary, humane, humanitarian, openhearted, philanthropic, propitious, compassionate, kindhearted, responsive, sympathetic, tender, warm, warmhearted, clement, forbearing, indulgent, lenient, merciful, tolerant, affable, amiable, cordial, genial, good-humored, good-natured, good-tempered, sweet-tempered, complaisant, obliging, gentle, good
English Thesaurus: kind, nice, generous, considerate, thoughtful, ...

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I. kind1 S1 W1 /kaɪnd/ noun
[Language: Old English; Origin: cynd]

1. [uncountable and countable] one of the different types of a person or thing that belong to the same group Synonym : sort, type
kind of
They sell all kinds of things.
The flowers attract several different kinds of insects.
Greg was working on some kind of deal in Italy.
Get me a sandwich – any kind will do.

2. the kind used to describe a person with a particular character, feelings, opinions etc:
Ted just isn’t the marrying kind.
Rob isn’t the kind to worry.

3. sb’s kind of person/thing/place etc the type of person, thing, place etc that someone usually likes:
It’s not my kind of place – it’s too quiet.

4. kind of (also kinda American English) spoken slightly but not exactly, or in some ways Synonym : sort of:
I’m kind of glad I didn’t win.
He’s kinda dumb, isn’t he?

5. a kind of (a) something spoken used to say that your description of something is not exact:
a kind of reddish-brown color

6. two/three etc of a kind two, three etc people or things that are very similar:
You and Joe are two of a kind.

7. one of a kind the only one of a particular type of thing:
Each plate is handpainted and one of a kind.

8. something of the/that kind spoken something similar to what was expected or talked about:
Rosa was shocked by the news, although she had suspected something of the kind might happen.

9. nothing/anything of the kind spoken used to emphasize that what has been said is not true:
I never said anything of the kind!

10. of a kind used to say that something is not as good as it should be:
Elections of a kind are held, but there is only one party to vote for.

11. in kind reacting to something someone has done by doing the same thing:
After recent bombings, counter-terrorist forces could retaliate in kind.
payment in kind at payment(3)

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II. kind2 S3 W3 adjective (comparative kinder, superlative kindest)
[Word Family: adjective: kindunkind, kindly; noun: kindnessunkindness; adverb: kindlyunkindly]
[Language: Old English; Origin: gecynde 'natural']

1. saying or doing things that show that you care about other people and want to help them or make them happy Antonym : unkindkindly, kindness
kind to
They’ve been very kind to me.
It wasn’t a very kind thing to say.
She’s a very kind and generous person.
it’s kind of somebody (to do something)
It’s kind of you to say that.
It’s really kind of them to let us use their pool.
We thanked the priest for his kind words.
Thank you for your help. You’ve been most kind (=said when thanking someone very politely).
thank you for your kind invitation/offer (=said when thanking someone very politely for their invitation or offer)
Ms Jarvis is unable to accept your kind invitation.

2. not causing harm or suffering
kind to
Life has been very kind to me.
I need a soap that’s kinder to my skin.
Let’s hope the weather’s kind tomorrow.

3. would you be kind enough to do something/be so kind as to do something formal used to make a polite request:
Would you be kind enough to close the door, please?

In everyday English, people usually say please could you ...? or would you mind ...? because the expressions with kind can sound too formal and unfriendly:
Would you mind closing the door?

4. kind regards written used to end a formal but fairly friendly letter

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VERBS be She was endlessly kind and sympathetic.
ADV. especially, extremely, most, particularly, really, very | quite | endlessly
PREP. of It really was most kind of you to help.
to My boss has been extremely kind to me.

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ADJ. different, same She does the same kind of work as me.
all, another, any, some, various You need some kind of cover over it to protect it from the rain. We stock various kinds of lawnmower.
each, every | certain, particular, special Certain kinds of food are unsuitable for small children.
best, worst | right, wrong Be sure to eat enough of the right kind of food.
funny, odd, strange
PREP. in ~ The regions differ in size, but not in kind.
of a ~ You're making progress of a kind (= some progress, but not very much, or not of the best type). They're two of a kind (= very like each other)?both workaholics!
of … ~ books of every kind music of different kinds
of its ~ The new school was the first of its kind.
~ of a special kind of oil
PHRASES a/the kind of thing Do you know the kind of thing I mean? They sell all kinds of things.
a kind of way I missed him, in a funny kind of way.
nothing/something of that/the kind ‘I was terrible!’ ‘You were nothing of the kind!’ ‘He's resigning.’ ‘I'd suspected something of the kind.’

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all kinds/every kind
He’s done all kinds of work.
the same kind
I’d like to see you make the same kind of effort in practice that you make in the game.
a different kind
Fossils of many different kinds have been found in this site.
the right/wrong kind
It wasn’t the right kind of holiday for me.
the best/worst kind
Not knowing what had happened to her was the worst kind of torture.
some kind
Carved into the stone was some kind of design.
any kind
There was no television, no radio – no technology of any kind.
various kinds
The students had to read various kinds of academic materials.
a certain/particular kind
A ‘besom’ is a particular kind of broom.
of its/their kind
It is the biggest centre of its kind.
of this kind
How can we be sure a disaster of this kind will not happen again?
of the worst/best etc kind
This is hypocrisy of the worst kind.
what kind (of something)?
What kind of milk shake would you like?
that kind of thing
He usually wears trainers and jeans, that kind of thing.
in a funny/strange etc kind of way
In a funny kind of way, the bullying made me a stronger person.
precisely/exactly the kind
This was precisely the kind of help that she needed.

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BAD: I wonder if you would be so kind to send me further details and an application form.
GOOD: I wonder if you would be so kind as to send me further details and an application form.

Usage Note:
be kind enough to do sth : 'Would you be kind enough to forward the enclosed documents to Mr Tomkin's new address?'
be so kind as to do sth : 'I wonder if you'd be so kind as to inform your colleagues of the new arrangements.'

BAD: All the people he met were very kind with him.
GOOD: All the people he met were very kind to him.

Usage Note:
kind to a person or animal (NOT with ): 'She's always been kind to people less fortunate than herself.'

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BAD: There are many kind of job for people with qualifications.
GOOD: There are many kinds of job for people with qualifications.
GOOD: I enjoy all kind of sport.
GOOD: I enjoy all kinds of sport.

Usage Note:
Kind, sort and type are countable nouns. After many, all, these and other plural meanings, use kinds/sorts/types (WITH-s ): 'These kinds of fruit do not grow in cold climates.'

BAD: Imprisonment is not a good way of reducing this kind of crimes.
GOOD: Imprisonment is not a good way of reducing this kind of crime.
GOOD: Imprisonment is not a good way of reducing these kinds of crime/s.

Usage Note:
kind/sort/type of + singular form: 'this kind of envelope'
kinds/sorts/types of + singular or plural form: 'these kinds of envelope/s'
Note that after kinds/sorts/types of a plural form can sometimes sound awkward and careful users generally prefer a singular form.

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See: in a way also in a kind of way , in kind

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