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King, Rodney /ˈrɒdni $ ˈrɑːd-/
King, Stephen /ˈstiːvən/
king /kɪŋ/ noun [countable]

ملک ، پادشاه ، شاه ، شهریار ، سلطان ، قانون ـ فقه: پادشاه ، سلطان
Synonyms: ruler, emperor, monarch, sovereign
English Thesaurus: king, queen, monarch, monarchy, prince, ...

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I. King, Don
(1931–) a US BOXING PROMOTER (=someone who arranges and advertises boxing matches) known for working with many famous boxers and for his unusual hairstyle

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II. King, Martin Luther
(1929–68) a black US religious leader who became the most important leader of the Civil Rights Movement and worked hard to achieve social changes for African-American people. He was known for being a great public speaker, and many people remember his famous speech that starts with the words ‘I have a dream’. He encouraged people to try to achieve changes without using violence, and in 1964 he won the Nobel Peace Prize. In 1968 he was shot and killed in Memphis, Tennessee. In the US there is a national holiday in January to celebrate his birthday.

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III. King, Rodney /ˈrɒdni $ ˈrɑːd-/
(1966–) an African-American man who was violently attacked by a group of white police officers in Los Angeles in 1991. The attack was filmed by a member of the public, and this film was later shown on US television. When the police officers were judged in a court of law in 1992, the jury decided that they were not guilty of being too violent, and this led to riots (=violent public protests) in Los Angeles. Many people in the US thought that this event proved that African Americans were still not being treated fairly by the legal system.

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IV. King, Stephen /ˈstiːvən/
(1947–) a popular US writer of frightening stories such as The Shining (1977) and The Green Mile (1996). Both these stories, and many other Stephen King books, have been made into films.

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V. King, The
Elvis Presley; an informal name still used for the famous singer, especially by people who love his music

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king W1 /kɪŋ/ noun [countable]
[Language: Old English; Origin: cyning]

1. RULER a man who rules a country because he is from a royal family ⇒ queen
king of
Henry VIII, King of England
On 2 December Henry VI was crowned king (=made the king at an official ceremony).

2. THE BEST the king of something someone or something that people think is the most important or best of a particular type of person or thing:
the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll
the king of Swiss cheeses
The lion is the king of the jungle.

3. SUCCESSFUL if you live like a king, feel like a king etc, you are very successful, happy, rich etc:
With her at my side, I felt like a king.

4. CHESS the most important piece in chess

5. CARDS a playing card with a picture of a king on it

6. IMPORTANT be king if something is king at a particular time, it has a big influence on people:
back in the days when jazz was king

7. a king’s ransom a very large amount of money

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I. male ruler
ADJ. rightful | anointed, crowned | uncrowned (figurative) He became the uncrowned king of the East End, scoring 28 goals in his first season.
deposed, exiled
VERB + KING become | crown (sb), make sb, proclaim sb He was crowned king at the age of fifteen. The new king was crowned immediately.
depose, put aside
KING + VERB reign, rule, rule (over) sb/sth The kings of Sicily also ruled over the southern part of Italy.
abdicate the king's decision to abdicate
PREP. under a/the ~ Life under the new king was very different.
~ of the King of Spain

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II. playing card
 ⇒ Note at CARD

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become king
Prince Charles will become king when his mother, Queen Elizabeth, dies.
be crowned king (=be made king)
He was crowned king upon the death of his father.
depose a king formal (=remove a king from power)
The Spanish king was deposed in 1931.
a king rules/reigns (=is in charge of a country)
How could a Christian king rule if he was banned from the Church?
a king abdicates (=gives up the position of being king)
It shocked the nation when the king abdicated.
the rightful king (=the person who should be king)
The Duke of Gloucester claimed that he was the rightful king.
the future king (=someone who will later be king)
She married the future king of France, Philip Augustus.
allegience/loyalty to a king (=being faithful to the king)
They were fighting out of loyalty to their king.
a king’s subjects (=the people he rules)
The new laws were very unpopular with the king’s subjects.

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